Monday, December 19, 2011

OU Counters List and Basic Tips

*Asterisks mean pokemon I recommend avoiding to use, even though there are some exceptions, but all of them will be listed in the OU Tips section, All Counters are assuming no entry hazards are in place*

OU Counters List:

Blissey*: Breloom Conkeldurr Deoxys-D Espeon Gengar Haxorus Heatran Infernape Jirachi Lucario Mamoswine (CB) Metagross Mienshao Reuniclus Scrafty Skarmory Tentacruel Terrakion Toxicroak Tyranitar Virizion Xatu

Breloom (Non-BU)*: Celebi Espeon Gliscor Latias Venusaur Xatu (No SE)
After spored ally: Bronzong Deoxys-D Dragonite (No SE) Gyarados Latios Mew Reuniclus Salamence Skarmory Tornadus (Lacking SE)

Celebi: Deoxys-D (Non-sweeper) Dragonite (Hurricane) Hydreigon Latias Skarmory (In Rain) Tornadus Volcarona (w/ some Sp D Assuming no SR or Scarf Volcarona)

Cloyster (non-LO): Bronzong (Max Sp Atk Psychic) Empoleon Conkeldurr (w/ Max HP and some Def EVs) Sashed Pokemon that OHKO Jirachi (w/Tbolt) Lucario (w/Vacuum Wave) Magnezone Scarf Pokemon that survives any of its attacks then OHKOs Politoed (Max HP, HP Grass) Reuniclus Rotom-W Scizor (Choice Band) Starmie Vaporeon

Conkeldurr: Celebi Deoxys-D (w/o Payback) Dragonite (Hurricane) Espeon Gengar (Only if they don't use Payback and Stone Edge) Gliscor Gyarados Jellicent Jirachi (w/ Specs/Band) Latias (w/ Max Sp Atk Psychic) Latios Metagross Mew Reuniclus Salamence (w/ Dmeteor) Slowbro Slowking Starmie (w/ LO/Specs) Tentacruel (Unless EQ) Tornadus (w/o SE) Venusaur

Dragonite (Pure Physical)*: Bronzong (In Rain/Heatproof assuming Dnite lacks EQ) Celebi (Max HP Max Def and out-speeds Dnite with HP Ice) Cloyster Gliscor (Counters non-CB Dnite) Gyarados Heatran (Assuming no EQ) Jirachi (Only in Rain assuming no EQ)  Magnezone (w/ HP Ice assuming Dnite lacks EQ in Rain) Mamoswine (Faster, Dnite lacking max HP) Metagross (In Rain assuming Dnite lacks EQ) Skarmory (In Rain) Terrakion (w/ Max HP and some Def) Tyranitar (No Band/EQ) Vaporeon (When Multiscale is broken)

Dragonite (Mixed/Pure Special): Blissey (If no BB) Bronzong Dragonite (If opposing Dnite lacks a Dragon move) Hydreigon (If Dnite lacks a Dragon move, Specs) Jirachi Latias (CM, Dnite w/o a Dragon move) Salamence (If Dnite lacks a Dragon move, Specs) Tyranitar (If no BB/Surf in Rain)

Ferrothorn: Breloom Conkeldurr Dragonite (w/ FT)  Forretress Heatran Hydreigon Infernape Lucario Magnezone Ninetales Reuniclus Salamence (w/ FB) Scizor (w/ Superpower) Scrafty Tentacruel Toxicroak Venusaur (w/ HP Fire) Virizion (Choice Band w/ Slow/Max HP) Volcarona  Xatu

Forretress*: Breloom Dragonite (w/ FT) Espeon Heatran Hydreigon Infernape Magneton Magnezone Ninetales Politoed (Specs HP) Salamence Starmie Tentacruel Venusaur Volcarona Xatu

Gengar: Bronzong Blissey (W/ Two offensive moves w/ SP Atk EVs) Dragonite (LO/Specs Hurricane) Gastrodon Jirachi Metagross Scizor Skarmory (Counters only the non-Tbolt Gengar) Swampert Tornadus (Specs, w/o Tbolt) Vaporeon (Counters only the non-Tbolt Gengar)

Gliscor: Bronzong (w/ HP Ice) Cloyster Gastrodon Gengar Gyarados Hydreigon Jellicent (only counters non-SD Gliscor unless it carries Hydro Pump) Latios Mamoswine Mew Politoed (If Scarf/Max HP w/ Def EVs) Rotom-W Salamence (If no SR up) Skarmory Starmie Swampert Vaporeon Venusaur (w/ HP Ice)

Gyarados: Celebi (Assuming no Bounce w/ Leaf Storm) Conkeldurr (Assuming no Bounce) Dragonite (w/ Thunder & faster) Gastrodon Gyarados (Max HP and Def Impish w/ SE) Hydreigon (w/ Specs Dmeteor) Latios (Specs w/ some HP) Metagross (w/ Tpunch) Politoed (w/HP Electric) Porygon-2 Rotom-W Starmie Tornadus (Specs) Weezing Vaporeon (w/ HP Electric)

Haxorus: Bronzong Cloyster (w/ Max HP) Ferrothorn Forretress Skarmory

Heatran*: Gastrodon (Assuming no HP grass) Gyarados (Assuming no HP electric) Haxorus (Non-HP Ice) Hydreigon (Specs Focus Blast or Heatran w/o HP Ice) Jellicent Landorus (Assuming no Air Balloon or HP Ice) Latias (Assuming no Toxic) Politoed Rotom-W Starmie Swampert (Assuming no HP Grass) Tentacruel (Only if max HP and faster) Tornadus (Specs)

Hydreigon: Chansey (Assuming no SR) Gastrodon (Assuming Leftovers and no Entry Hazards) Tentacruel (w/ Max sp D HP Calm) Vaporeon (Assuming Max HP and some Sp D EVs) A Focus Sashed Mon that out-speeds and OHKOs (Assuming no SR)

Infernape (Without LO): Cresselia Deoxys-D Dragonite (Assuming no HP Ice or SE) Gyarados (Assuming no HP Electric/Focus Sash) Jellicent (w/ Max HP and some Sp D) Salamence (Assuming no HP Ice) Starmie Tentacruel Tornadus (w/o SE) Vaporeon

Jirachi: Dragonite (Assuming no Ice Punch) Gastrodon Gliscor (Assuming no Ice Punch) Gyarados (Assuming no Tbolt w/ EQ or Resttalk) Heatran Hydreigon (If faster w/ Specs) Landorus (Assuming no Ice Punch in SS) Metagross (w/ EQ) Ninetales Rotom-W (Counters Physical Jirachi) Scizor (Assuming no Fire Punch) Skarmory (Assuming no Tbolt) Swampert Vaporeon (Assuming no Tbolt) Volcarona

Landorus: Bronzong Gastrodon (In non-sand) Gengar (Scarf w/ HP Ice) Gyarados (w/ Max HP and some Def in non-sand) Jellicent Latios (If no Sand is up) Mamoswine Rotom-W Skarmory Starmie (w/ Scarf) Vaporeon (If Max HP and Def EVs Bold) Venusaur (Assuming HP Ice and Faster) Virizion

Latias*: Blissey (Assuming they lack Substitute) Bronzong Chansey (Assuming they lack Substitute) Jirachi (That can 2hko) Mamoswine (If some HP EVs) Metagross Scrafty Tyranitar

Latios*:  Blissey (If no Psyshock) Bronzong (Assuming Latios lacks HP Fire or Bronzong has Heatproof) Chansey (If no Psyshock) Heatran (Only in Sun) Jirachi (Assuming no HP Fire) Metagross (Assuming Latios lacks HP Fire) Skarmory Tyranitar A Focus Sashed Mon that out-speeds and OHKOs (Assuming no SR)

Lucario: Celebi (Specs) Conkeldurr Gyarados Haxorus Heracross (w/ Scarf and Max HP) Hippowdon (Walls only the Physical Set) Metagross (w/ EQ and Max HP and a lot of Def EVs) Salamence (w/ Max HP, Faster, and a lot of Def EVs/Yache Max HP Salamence) Swampert (Only if Scarf) Toxicroak (w/ Black Sludge Max HP and Drain Punch/Cross Chop) Virizion (w/ Max HP and Max Def EVs) Volcarona (w/ Max HP and some Def EVs)

Magnezone: Blissey Breloom (Max HP and Faster) Celebi Deoxys-D (No Specs) Dragonite (If no Balloon) Gastrodon (Assuming no HP Grass) Gliscor (Assuming no HP Ice) Haxorus (Assuming no Balloon or Specs HP Ice) Heatran Hydreigon Landorus (Assuming no HP Ice} Latias (Only w/ CM and Roost) Latios (Only w/ CM and Roost) Mamoswine (No FC & faster) Ninetales (w/ HP EVs) Scrafty (Only w/ Max HP w/ some Sp D and HJK) Swampert (Assuming no HP grass) Tyranitar (w/ Max HP and some Sp D/out-speeding Magnezone w/o Balloon with EQ) Virizion (HP Evs or Life Orb Focus Blast/CC) Volcarona

Mamoswine:  Bronzong Cloyster (Max HP if no SE, LO, or Band) Deoxys-D (No Band) Ferrothorn (Max D & HP) Gyarados (If no SE, Def & HP EVs for Band/LO Mamoswine) Lucario (w/ Air Balloon & faster) Ninetales (w/ Balloon Max HP Max Spe, no SE) Politoed (w/ Scarf assuming Mamoswine lacks Scarf) Reuniclus (w/ some Sp Atk, no LO/Band Mamoswine) Rotom-W (Timid/Scarf if SE) Scizor (CB) Starmie (Scarf, no Scarf if non-Scarf Mamoswine) Swampert (Max HP, Max Def, no Band/LO Mamoswine)

Metagross: Bronzong Cloyster (Only counters non-Band Metagross) Forretress Ferrothorn Gastrodon Gyarados (Assuming no Band or Tpunch) Heatran (Balloon and faster than Metagross) Jellicent (Only if Metagross is non-banded)

Mew*:  Dragonite (Specs w/o IB) Heatran (Specs, no AS) Hydreigon (No AS) Latios (Specs/LO) Magnezone (Specs, no AS) Politoed (Specs) Volcarona Xatu

Mienshao: Gengar (Counters Non-Scarf Mienshao) ) Jellicent Latias Latios Reuniclus Starmie Tentacruel Tornadus (No SE) Venusaur

Ninetales: Blissey Chansey Dragonite (Assuming no HP Ice) Gastrodon (Assuming no HP Grass) Gyarados (Assuming no HP Electric) Haxorus (If Faster or Ninetales lacks HP Ice) Heatran (Unless a super affective HP) Hydreigon (Only if Specs Dmeteor if Ninetales lacks LO) Jellicent (Only w/ max HP and some Sp D) Latias Latios Politoed (Only if Max HP and a lot of Sp D) Salamence (Assuming no HP Ice)

Politoed: Blissey Celebi Chansey Gastrodon (Assuming no HP Grass) Gyarados (Counters non-Specs Toed) Haxorus (Choice Band Outrage if faster) Hydreigon (Specs Dmeteor if Faster) Jellicent (Beats non-Specs Toed, beats Specs Toed w/ Max HP Max Sp D) Rotom-W Starmie (Only if Toed lacks HP Grass) Tentacruel (No Specs Psychic) Toxicroak (Counters all non-Specs Toed) Vaporeon (Unless Specs HP Grass) Venusaur (Only with Max HP and some Sp D/Scarf) Virizion

Reuniclus:  Dragonite (CB Outrage) Haxorus (CB Outrage) Jirachi (Band Iron Head/CM Psyshock) Metagross (Band MM) Scizor Volcarona

Rotom-W: Blissey Breloom (Assuming no HP Ice) Celebi Chansey Ferrothorn Gastrodon (Assuming no HP Grass) Haxorus Hydreigon Jirachi (Assuming no Specs, w/ Wish Protect) Latias (CM Roost) Latios (LO/Specs Dmeteor) Salamence (Assuming no HP Ice w/ LO/Specs/Band Dmeteor/Outrage) Venusaur Virizion

Salamence: Bronzong (If Mence lacks a Fire move) Heatran (If Mence lacks EQ) A Focus Sashed Mon that out-speeds and OHKOs (Assuming no SR)

Scizor: Dragonite Gliscor Gyarados (Roar/Bulky DD) Heatran (If Scizor lacks Superpower) Jellicent Jirachi (w/ Fire Punch) Ninetales Politoed (If Specs HP and faster) Salamence (w/ a Fire attack) Skarmory (Counters the Non-Swords dance Superpower Scizor) Volcarona

Scrafty: Breloom (w/ Max HP) Conkeldurr (Max hp w/ some Def) Dragonite (w/ Hurricane) Gyarados (Counters non-Bulk Up Scrafty) Ninetales (w/ Max HP and Specs Overheat) Terrakion (w/ Focus Sash) Tornadus Toxicroak Virizion (Virizion counters non-Jolly Scrafty @ Life OrbTrait: JustifiedEVs: 168 HP / 172 SAtk / 168 SpdJolly Nature +Spd, -SAtk - Close Combat) Volcarona (Timid LO in Sun w/ FB)

Skarmory: Espeon Heatran Infernape Magnezone Ninetales Forretress Tentacruel Volcarona Xatu

Starmie: Blissey (Only w/ CM) Celebi (Only counters Leftovers Starmie) Ferrothorn Gastrodon (W/ Max HP and some Sp D) Jirachi (w/ Max HP and some Sp D w/ WishProtect/Specs Thunder) Magnezone (Max HP only counters Leftovers Starmie) Metagross (Only counters Leftovers Starmie with Max HP and Band Tpunch) Reuniclus (Only counters Leftovers Starmie w/ Max HP) Rotom-W (Max HP w/ some Sp D or Scarf without bulk) Scrafty (Only counters Timid non-Specs Starmie, or Modest with max HP, and some Sp D) Tyranitar (Counters non-Hydro Pump Starmie w/ Scarf/Max HP and max Sp D)

Swampert: Breloom (Max HP assuming Swampert does not have Specs/Band) Celebi Cloyster (Assuming Swampert Lacks Hydro Pump) Ferrothorn Gastrodon (Only if Max HP and some Def EVs assuming Swampert Lacks Band) Gyarados Haxorus (Choice Band Outrage assuming non-Specs Swampert) Hydreigon (Modest w/ Specs Dmeteor) Jellicent (If Swampert lacks Band) Latias (w/ CM Roost) Latios (Modest Specs Dmeteor) Mew Politoed (Faster with Specs) Reuniclus (If Swampert lacks Band) Rotom-W (w/ HP Grass) Vaporeon (Counters non-Band Swampert) Venusaur Virizion

Tentacruel: Breloom (Only if Tentacruel lacks Ice Beam) Celebi (Counters non-Sludge Bomb Tentacruel with a stat-boosting move) Dragonite (w/o IB) Espeon (Unless in Rain) Gastrodon Gyarados Haxorus (If Tentacruel isn't Timid) Latias Latios (w/ Specs Psychic) Magnezone Mamoswine (If faster) Mew Reuniclus Scrafty (Max HP outside of Rain) Starmie Toxicroak Venusaur (Counters non-offensive Tentacruel) Virizion (Counters non-offensive Tentacruel)

Terrakion: Gliscor

Tornadus:  Blissey Bronzong Chansey (Evolite) Dragonite (w/o Specs) Jirachi Rotom-w (Scarf if Tornadus lacks Scarf)

Toxicroak: Bronzong (Max HP and Max D Relaxed) Celebi (w/ Psychic) Deoxys-D Dragonite (Faster with LO/Band Outrage/EQ/Hurricane) Gastrodon (Max HP Max D Relaxed counters unless Bulk Up, in which case Earth Power is necessary) Gengar Gyarados Jirachi (Unless Focus Punch SP LO Croak) Metagross (Max Hp w/ Zen Headbutt counters every Croak) Mew Reuniclus Salamence (w/ Yache Berry) Swampert (Max HP, max Def EQ/EP) Venusaur (Counters only in Sun w/ HP Fire and SP) Volcarona (Counters in Sun)

Tyranitar: Breloom (Only if Max HP) Bronzong (Beats non-EQ Tar w/ Heatproof, Beats non-Fire attacking Tyranitar w/ Levitate) Conkeldurr Dragonite (w/ BB) Gastrodon (Counters non-Band Tyranitar) Gliscor (Bulky one counters Band Tyranitar, but not an Ice move) Jirachi (w/ Band Iron Head and Max HP with Def EVs) Landorus (Assuming no Ice move from Tyranitar) Mamoswine (Faster w/ LO/Band) Metagross (Faster with Band/LO) Mienshao (w/ Max HP) Politoed (If Max HP, Faster, and some Def Evs w/ Hydro Pump) Scizor (Faster, in Rain, w/ LO/CB) Scrafty (If no Superpower) Swampert (Only if Faster w/ Band) Toxicroak (If no EQ) Virizion

Venusaur*: Deoxys-D (No Sun) Dragonite Espeon (Counters outside of Sun) Haxorus Heatran Hydreigon Infernape (If no EQ or Sun up) Jirachi (In non-Sun) Latias (w/ Max HP, has Psychic) Latios (Unless Sun is up and Venusaur has Sludge Bomb) Ninetales (Unless EQ) Salamence Volcarona (If no Sun)

Virizion: Bronzong (w/ ZH) Celebi (w/ Psychic and Max Sp D Calm Max HP) Deoxys-D (Physical) Dragonite (Scarf Hurricane) Gengar Gyarados (w/ Bounce) Infernape (w/ just a little HP and Scarf) Jirachi (Max HP and a lot of Sp D if facing Special Virizion and a lot of D if Physical one) Latias Latios Mew (Counters the Physical one) Skarmory (Counters the Physical one) Tornadus Volcarona (Counters the Special one)

Volcarona*: Dragonite (CB Outrage/Specs Hurricane) Gyarados Heatran (Counters non-Morning Sun, or Takes on Morning Sun w/ Opposing weather) Infernape (w/ Stone Edge) Landorus (w/ Scarf Stone Edge) Ninetales (Specs) Politoed (Scarf/Max HP w/ some Sp D) Rotom-W (Max HP and Max Sp D w/ Specs) Salamence (w/ Band/LO Outrage Or Stone Edge) Swampert (Max HP w/ some Sp D Evs w/ Specs Hydro Pump/Stone Edge/Waterfall) Tentacruel Terrakion (Assuming Volcarona lacks Psychic)

OU Offensive Counter List

Blissey*: Dragonite (Special) Gengar (w/ two offensive moves w/ Sp Atk EVs) Latias (w/o sub') Latios (w/o sub'/Specs Psyshock) Magnezone Ninetales Politoed Rotom-W Starmie (w/ CM)

Breloom* (Unless BU): Blissey Ferrothorn Forretress Scrafty Swampert Tentacruel Tyranitar

Bronzong: Breloom (After spored ally) Cloyster (Max Sp Atk Psychic) Dragonite Gengar Gliscor Landorus Metagross Toxicroak Tyranitar Virizion (w/ ZH)

Celebi: Breloom Conkeldurr (w/ Psychic or Conk' lacks Payback) Lucario (w/ Specs HP Fire) Politoed Rotom-W Swampert Tentacruel Toxicroak (w/ Psychic) Virizion (Physical w/ Psychic)

Cloyster:  Gliscor Haxorus Dragonite (Physical) Metagross (non-band) Swampert

Conkeldurr: Cloyster (w/ max HP $ Some D EVs) Ferrothorn Lucario Scrafty Tyranitar Blissey

Deoxys-D: Blissey Breloom (After spored ally) Celebi (Non-sweeper) Conkeldurr (w/o Payback) Infernape Magnezone (Non-Specs) Mamoswine (Non-CB) Toxicroak Venusaur (No Sun) Virizion (Physical)

Dragonite (Pure Physical)*: Infernape (non-HP Ice) Dragonite (Bulky w/ Roost) Magnezone (If no Air Balloon) Ninetales Reuniclus (CB) Virizion (Scarf Hurricane) Volcarona (CB Outrage) Toxicroak *Faster w/ LO/Band Outrage/EQ) Venusaur Scizor

Dragonite (Mixed/Pure Special):  Breloom (After spored ally) Celebi Conkeldurr Ferrothorn Forretress Gengar Gyarados (If faster) Infernape (No HP Ice/SE) Mew (w/o IB) Ninetales (w/o HP Ice) Scizor (w/ FT) Scrafty Tentacruel (w/o IB) Tornadus (w/o Specs) Toxicroak (If faster) Tyranitar (w/ BB) Venusaur Volcarona

Espeon:  Blissey Breloom Conkeldurr Forretress Skarmory Tentacruel Venusaur (No sun)

Ferrothorn: Haxorus Metagross Rotom-W Starmie Swampert

Forretress: Haxorus Metagross Skarmory

Gastrodon: Gengar Gliscor Heatran (w/o HP Grass) Jirachi Landorus (w/o Sand, Max HP Max D)  Magnezone (No HP Grass) Metagross Rotom-w (w/o HP Grass) Toxicroak (Max HP, Max D EQ/EP)

Gengar: Blissey Gliscor Landorus (Scarf w/ HP Ice) Mienshao Toxicroak

Gliscor: Breloom Conkeldurr Dragonite (Physical w/o CB) Jirachi (w/o IP) Magnezone (w/o HP Ice) Scizor Terrakion Tyranitar (w/o IB)

Gyarados: Breloom (After spored ally) Dragonite (Physical) Gliscor Heatran Infernape (w/o Tpunch) Jirachi (w/o Thunder) Landorus (Non-Sand) Lucario Metagross Ninetales Politoed (Non-Specs) Scizor Scrafty (Non-BU) Swampert Tentacruel Toxicroak Virizion Volcarona

Haxorus: Blissey Heatran Lucario Magnezone (If no Air Balloon/HP Ice) Ninetales (If faster or tales lacks HP Ice) Politoed (If faster) Reuniclus (CB) Rotom-W Swampert (CB) Tentacruel Venusaur

Heatran*: Blissey Dragonite (If no EQ) Ferrothorn Forretress Jirachi Latios (In Sun) Magnezone Metagross (Balloon if faster) Salamence (w/o EQ) Scizor (No Band SP) Skarmory Venusaur Volcarona

Hydreigon: Celebi Ferrothorn Forretress Gliscor Gyarados Heatran Jirachi Magnezone Ninetales Politoed (If faster) Rotom-W Swampert Venusaur

Infernape: Blissey Ferrothorn Forretress Skarmory Venusaur Virizion (A little HP EVs w/ Scarf) Volcarona (w/ SE)

Jirachi: Blissey Cloyster (w/ Thunder) Conkeldurr (w/ Specs/Band) Dragonite (In Rain lacking EQ) Gengar Latias (That can 2hko) Latios (No HP Fire) Reuniclus (Band IH/CM Psyshock) Rotom-W (Specs w/ WishProtect) Scizor (w/ FP) Starmie (w/ Max HP and some Sp D w/ WishProtect/Specs Thunder) Toxicroak (Unless FP SP LO Croak) Tyranitar (w/ Band IH & Max HP w/ D EVs) Venusaur (In non-Sun) Virizion (Max HP & some D if Phys, Some Sp D if Sp.)

Landorus: Heatran (No Air Balloon) Jirachi (No IP in SS) Magnezone (w/o HP Ice) Tyranitar (w/o IB) Volcarona (w/ Scarf in non-Sun)

Latias*: Breloom Celebi Conkeldurr (w/ Max Sp Atk Psychic Heatran (w/o Toxic) Magnezone (CM + Roost) Mienshao Ninetales Rotom-w (CM + Roost) Swampert (CM + Roost) Tentacruel Venusaur Virizion

Latios*: Breloom (After spored ally) Conkeldurr Gliscor Gyarados (w/ Specs) Landorus (In non-Sand) Magnezone (CM + Roost) Mienshao Ninetales Rotom-w Swampert (Specs Modest Dmeteor) Tentacruel Venusaur Virizion

Lucario: Blissey Cloyster (w/ VW) Ferrothorn

Magnezone: Cloyster Dragonite (w/o EQ & HP Ice in Rain) Ferrothorn Forretress Skarmory Starmie (Leftovers Starmie, Max HP) Tentacruel

Mamoswine: Blissey (w/ Band) Dragonite (Faster, Dragonite lacking max HP) Gliscor Landorus Latias (If some HP EVs) Magnezone (No FC & faster) Tentacruel (If faster) Tyranitar (Faster w/ LO or Band)

Metagross: Blissey Conkeldurr Dragonite (In Rain lacking EQ) Gengar Gyarados (w/ Tpunch) Jirachi (w/ EQ) Latias Latios (No HP Fire) Lucario (Max P & D EVs) Reuniclus (Band) Starmie (Leftovers Starmie, Band Tpunch) Toxicroak (ZH) Tyranitar (Faster w/ Band/LO)

Mew:  Breloom (After spored ally) Conkeldurr Gliscor Swampert Tentacruel Toxicroak Virizion (Counters the Physical one)

Mienshao: Blissey Tyranitar (Max HP shao)

Ninetales: Ferrothorn Forretress Jirachi magnezone Scizor Scrafty (Max HP & Specs  OH) Skarmory Venusaur Volcarona (Specs)

Politoed: Cloyster (Max HP, HP Grass) Forretress Gliscor (If Scarf max HP w/ D EVs) Gyarados (w/ HP Electric) Heatran Ninetales (Only if Max HP & a lot of Sp D) Scizor (Specs HP & faster) Swampert Tyranitar (If max HP, faster w/ D EVs & HP) Volcarona (Scarf max HP w/ some Sp D)

Reuniclus: Blissey Breloom (After spored ally) Cloyster Conkeldurr Ferrothorn Mienshao Starmie Swampert (No Band) Tentacruel Toxicroak

Rotom-w: Cloyster Gliscor (w/o Acrobatics) Gyarados Heatran Jirachi Landorus Politoed Starmie Swampert (w/ HP Grass) Volcarona

Salamence: Breloom (After spored ally) Conkeldurr (w/ Dmeteor) Ferrothorn Forretress Gliscor  (w/ Dmeteor)  Infernape (w/o HP Ice) Ninetales (w/o HP Ice) Rotom-w (w/o HP Ice w/LO/Specs/Band/Dmeteor/Outrage) Scizor (w/ FB) Toxicroak (Yache) Venusaur Volcarona (w/ Band /LO Outrage/SE)

Scizor: Cloyster Ferrothorn Gengar Jirachi (w/o FP) Reuniclus Terrakion (Non-CB)

Scrafty: Blissey Ferrothorn Latias Magnezone Starmie (Leftovers) Tentacruel (No Rain) Tyranitar (w/o SP)

Skarmory: Blissey Breloom (After spored ally) Celebi (In Rain or no CM/NP) Dragonite (In Rain, Physical) Gengar (Non-Tbolt) Gliscor Haxorus Jirachi (No Thunder) Landorus Latios (No Specs/HP Fire) Scizor (Non-SD, SP one) Virizion (Physical)

Starmie: Cloyster Conkeldurr (w/ Psychic) Forretress Gliscor Gyarados Heatran Infernape Landorus (w/ Scarf) Mienshao Politoed (No HP Grass) Tentacruel

Swampert: Gengar Gliscor Heatran (w/o HP Grass) Jirachi Lucario (Scarf) Magnezone (w/o HP Grass) Tentacruel Toxicroak (Max HP, Max D EQ/EP) Tyranitar (Faster w/ Band) Volcarona (Max HP w/ some Sp D EVs) 

Tentacruel*: Blissey Conkeldurr (w/o EQ) Ferrothorn Forretress Heatran (Max HP and faster) Hydreigon (Max Sp D HP Calm) Infernape Mienshao Politoed Skarmory Volcarona

Terrakion: Blissey Dragonite (Max HP & some D) Volcarona (No Psychic)

Tornadus: Breloom (After spored ally, no SE) Celebi Conkeldurr (w/o SE) Gengar (Timid Specs w/o Tbolt) Gliscor (Specs) Heatran (Specs) Infernape (w/o SE) Mienshao (No SE) Scrafty Virizion (Timid) 

Toxicroak: Blissey Ferrothorn Lucario (Max HP) Scrafty Tentacruel Tyranitar (w/o EQ)

Tyranitar: Blissey Dragonite (w/o Band Outrage/EQ w/ Max HP) Latias Latios Magnezone

Venusaur*: Breloom Conkeldurr Ferrothorn Forretress Gliscor (w/o Acrobatics, w/ HP Ice) Landorus (In Sun w/ HP Ice) Mienshao Politoed (Max HP, some Sp D Scarf) Rotom-w Swampert Tentacruel Toxicroak (In Sun)

Virizion: Blissey Ferrothorn Landorus Lucario (Max HP & Max D) Magnezone Politoed Rotom-w Scrafty (Unique EV Spread) Swampert Tentacruel Tyranitar

Volcarona*: Celebi (Some HP & Sp D) Ferrothorn Forretress Jirachi Lucario (w/ Max HP and some D) Magnezone Reuniclus Scizor Scrafty (In Sun) Skarmory Toxicroak Venusaur (No Sun) Virizion (No SE)

Xatu: Blissey Breloom Ferrothorn Forretress Mew Skarmory

*Big thanks to bobdylanrocks2 for helping me test out a few pokemon to see if they counter* 

Basic Tips:

1. Do not finish off something with Uturn/Volt Switch, this means the foe gets to switch in their guy last so they can counter you
2. Need a Stealth Rocker on every team without a Choice item on it
3. If using Spikes/TS you always need a Ghost to block Rapid Spin
4. Do not use a pokemon weak to Pursuit unless you can counter both Tar and Scizor
5. Do not use more than 4 Physical mons that get their Atk reduced by Will O Wisp
6. Do not use Fire moves without a Weather-changing ability (Besides Drizzle)
7. Do not have more than 3 weaknesses to the same Typing on a team
8. Do not use a Steel type unless it counters or can switch from Magnezone
9. Do not use a 4x weakness to Rock unless you have a Rapid Spin user on the team.

Things to Avoid 

1. Any move that recharges.
2. Relying on a speed tie to "counter" another pokemon.
3. Weight-based moves unless they do consistently high damage.
4. Two pokemon with the same exact typing. For example, Amoonguss and Venusaur on the same team.   
5. Five or more physical attackers that are vulnerable to WOW.
6. Four or more pokemon weak to the same offensive typing. For example, you have 4 Ice weak pokemon on your team. Take at least one off and you are good. 

Moves to Avoid

Aqua Ring
Blast Burn - Recharging moves are bad
Confuse Ray
Electric Net
Explosion - Explosion got nerfed so it is bad now
Final Gambit
Fire Pledge
Fling - Fling King's Rock/Razor Fang is ok, since you get the advantage against Protect
Frenzy Plant - Recharging moves are bad
Giga Impact - Recharging moves are bad
Grass Pledge
Heal Pulse
Hydro Cannon - Recharging moves are bad
Hyper Beam - Recharging moves are bad
Moonlight - Often times Hail, Sandstorm, or Rain is up, and only heals 25% in those weathers.
Morning Sun - Often times Hail, Sandstorm, or Rain is up, and only heals 25% in those weathers.
Mud Sport
Rock Wrecker- Recharging moves are bad
Sleep Talk + Rest - You only attack 2/3rds of the time with Resttalk, and the 3rd turn you have to attack or the sleep counter resets
Solarbeam - Weather changes a lot so don't rely on this move
Sweet Kiss
Sweet Scent
Synthesis - Often times Hail, Sandstorm, or Rain is up, and only heals 25% in those weathers.
Water Pledge

List of Smogon Analyses Criticisms:
  1.  Breloom with Bulk Up should have Stone Edge as an option over Seed Bomb. This would allow it to counter many Fighting resistances after it Spores one of their allies. Seed Bomb is mostly for: Perfect accuracy and counters Gliscor and Tentacruel better. My counter-argument to that is, yes SB is a good move and it makes logical sense, but it is really mainly only for two pokemon and things that resist Fighting take less from SB than they do SE. SE actually can kill many things after one BU and Stealth Rock damage versus Salamence for example. Also does neutral to Psychic types and Ghosts.
  2. Conkeldurr with Bulk Up should have BU DP MP/SE/PB SE/PB over the current set (BU DP MP SE/PB). The reason for having both Payback and Stone Edge would be to take on Sub'Disable Gengar without being completely walled. 
  3. Venusaur with the Solarbeam set(s)  should not be using Solarbeam. The Venusaur with Growth Energy Ball/Solarbeam HP Fire Sludge Bomb/Sleep Powder set should be Growth Giga Drain/Energy Ball HP Fire Sludge Bomb/Sleep Powder

VGC 18

Changes from BSD to VGC 18 besides Timer include: New UB's: Blacephalon, Stakataka, Naganadel No PUP Kang-Mega Knock Off Incineroar,...