Tuesday, October 10, 2017

VGC 18

Changes from BSD to VGC 18 besides Timer include:
  • New UB's: Blacephalon, Stakataka, Naganadel
  • No PUP Kang-Mega
  • Knock Off Incineroar, Icy Wind Fini, TW Kartana
All else seems to remain pretty much the same.

VGC 18 Teambuilding

VGC 18 Teams need:

  1. Fini/Koko or Lele Gross if you can prevent TR (Status Counter using Terrain)
  2. Cress/Zap/Latias/Cune/Zard-Y/Goth/P2/Mence (Speed Control)
  3. P2/Cress/Amoonguss/A team full of bulky mons with few weaks/Roar/WW/Taunt/ImprisonTR (TR Counter)
  4. Lando-T*/Incineroar/Mawile-Mega/Mence/Top/Manectric-Mega (Intimidate, Double Int is risky)
  5. EQ Immunity (Cress/Lando-T/Mence-Mega/Rotom-W/Zapdos/Zard-Y) 
  6. Tyranitar/Zard-Y/A team with enough weather resists (Weather Counter)
  7. Almost any mon, esp. an offensive one (Z move)
  8. Zard-Y Counter (>Zard-Y speed, like Koko or Meta-Mega) or T-tar Mega or Rain Dance Kingdra
  9. Fini Counter with Intimidate and LR Support - CM (Bulu/Clear Smog/Haze/Zard-Y/Snarl/Encore/Remove Item/Psyshock/etc)
  10. No more than 3 ground weaknesses against Lando-T
  11. No more than 2 ground immunities on a Misty/Electric Terrain team (so that Spore in Terrain is not an issue)
  12. No 4x weaknesses unless AV, Sash, or Relevant Resist Berry, Except Tar
  13. Aegis Counter (Faster Aegis/Heatran/Koko/Lando-T@Groundium/Zard-Y)
  14. A Fairy Attacker for Kommo-O (Tapu Lele/Koko/Fini or Two Fairies or Mega-Gross)
  15. Chansey Counter (BestOf3 - going into time and having more mons on game 2 then game 3 sudden death*/Toxic* [never misses if used by a poison type]/PerishSong*/Snatch*/Sacred Sword*/Body Slam* + Atk Raises/Acid Spray*/Fake Tears*/Trick*/Switcheroo*/NoGuard Machamp*/Heart Swap*/TopsyTurvy*/Roar/Whirlwind/NonChoice Haze/ClearSmog/Taunt/FightingMon/Knock Off/Z moves when it has low HP/Lock On OHKO Move/Accuracy Boosting Moves like Hone Claws/Transform/Flying Press/Heat Crash/Heavy Slam/Steamroller/Dragon Rush/No Guard/Stomp/Stomping Tantrum does more after you miss/unaware, aura sphere, aerial ace, smart strike, blizzard or thunder in weather, swift, feint attack, magical leaf, shock wave, magnet bomb, sacred sword, disarming voice, psych up, lock-on, no guard, telekinesis, mind reader, lock on, ghost curse, foresight)
  16. Fake Out (Kang/Ludi/Persian/Shiftry) or Lele to stop Fake Out (Optional)
  17. Kangaskhan-Mega/Zard-Y/Metagross-Mega/Gar-Mega/Tar-Mega/Mence-Mega/Manectric-Mega (Mega - optional)
  18. Wide Guard (Optional)

Pyrotoz.com is great for checking for team weaknesses.
https://tinyurl.com/y9l4e2sp is good for move ideas and speeds
https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/battle/usum/#wcs includes usage statistics

VGC 18 Tier List 

Top Tier (Very consistent and good against the current metagame):
  1. Aegislash 
  2. Charizard-Y
  3. Incineror
  4. Landorus-T 
  5. Metagross-Mega
  6. Tapu Fini
  7. Tapu Lele
  8. Tyranitar
  9. Tyranitar-Mega - Maybe Top Tier if 2nd mega, also needs Protect and Amoonguss Support
  10. Zapdos
Exceptions: LR Mons (Manectric-Mega/Togedem/Wak), Rain Teams can include Toed, Top, Araq, and a few others on the right team.

Testing List:


Strong Team Cores/Combos As of 1/16/18:

- Seeing as Rain teams and Metagross teams are the main issue

  1. Zard-Y + Lightningrod/Scarf Mon that ohkos Koko + Fini/Koko/Bulu/Gengar-Mega
  2. Tar + Amoonguss
  3. Tar + Zard

High Tier (Highly consistent, does not rely on speed control with nothing else to offer the team), asterisks mean that it may be placed in another tier soon.

Araquanid - Good for Wide Guard support and powerful in Trick Room also Bug Bite
Arcanine - Weak to rain, intimidate - diff typing and Espeed, good w/ Bulu
Chansey - Minimize
Excadrill - In Sand, relies on Scarf tar which I think all choice items are dumb
Ferrothorn - Misses a lot and is too slow
Gothitelle* - Shadow Tag
Heatran - Misses too much, Z move one gets OHKO'd by Stomping Tantrum
Hitmontop - Countered by Lele, doesn't super affect much
Kartana* - Gets ohko'd a lot by special moves and doesnt ohko enough, Z TW one still not good
Kommo-O* with Z move
Mimikyu - Sash/Misty or Psychic Seed, takes z moves well
Naganadel -Dragonium Z NP
Salamence-Mega - with Koko or Sand Team
Tapu Bulu*
Tapu Koko*
Weavile - Icinium Z

Full teams:

1. Lele Gross Lando-T Zap Tar Aegis http://pokepast.es/81186034f6f1ceeb
2. Ludicolo Pelipper Pert-mega Ferro Kingdra Toed http://pokepast.es/9f1c112812a049dd
My reformed version of the Jap Rain team (Top over Toed): http://pokepast.es/087b906f58000d34
3. Tar Exca Milotic Amoonguss Mence-Mega Zap http://pokepast.es/22b0c9b4e232bb96
4. CHALK Fini with Zapdos over Amoonguss http://pokepast.es/1ff365ad35f609f4
5. Top Koko Moth Lando-T Zard-Y Rotom-W http://pokepast.es/f4e13034143a60d0
6. ZALT + Kang-Mega Fini http://pokepast.es/28381b4220e2e312
7. Torkoal Zard-Y Venusaur 9tales Lando-T Shiftry http://pokepast.es/8ccea081b44351d5
8. Greninja Venusaur-Mega Heatran Aboma Cress Staka http://pokepast.es/cdf529aa731f7e0b
9. Naga Lando-T Bulu Aegis Kang-Mega Zap http://pokepast.es/3c250bde384fa8e2
10. Kang-Mega Lando-T Koko Cress Staka Zard-Y http://pokepast.es/a9c28b328c4f6d35
11. Mimi Lax Zard-Y Lando-T Koko Aegis http://pokepast.es/4a909af2f155586f
12. Camerupt Oranguru Ninetales Mence-Mega Koko Torkoal http://pokepast.es/1129ed458c42c82e
13. Koko Mence-Mega Aegis Tar Persian Cune http://pokepast.es/473c08e1def25b0e
14. Goth Mawile Politoed Ludicolo Koko (lando/gar-mega/etc) http://pokepast.es/c5bbe78cad823415
15. Kommo-O Top Gar-Mega Bulu Celesteela Amoonguss http://pokepast.es/4d3e2c5a8b7f654b
16. Lele Gross Tar Lando Zapdos Amoonguss http://pokepast.es/936d148b61b663b7
17. Fini Gross Tar Lando Zapdos Amoonguss http://pokepast.es/7cdeeb6371685d44
18. Lando Tar Zard-Y Fini Zapdos P2 http://pokepast.es/ec72e669d77270cd

Top Combos to Prepare For:

  1.  Lele Gross-Mega
  2.  Ludi/Pert-Mega Peli (Double Rain also)
  3. Tar Exca
  4. Kang-Mega Zap
  5. Top/Kang-Mega Moth
  6. Kang-Mega Inner Focus Aegis
  7. Chlorophyll + Zard-Y (Triple Drought for example)
  8. Water + Grass Pledge (Even though a low-tier strategy)
  9. Bulu Gengar-Mega/Naga
  10. Cress + Bulky Offensive Spread Mon (Lando/Zard-Y/etc)
  11. MimiLax
  12. Camerupt-Mega Orang (or Hard TR in general like Cress + Staka/Other Powerhouses)
  13. Koko Mence-Mega
  14. GothMaw Rain (Rain + Perish Song)
  15. Kommo-O Support
  16. Edu's Team (has won multiple tournies by Brady and Patrick Smith) 
  17. Edu's Team with Lele over Fini and ZH Gross

Combo Counters/Semi-Counters In Number Order:

  1. Cress, Aegis, Bulu, Fini, Zard-Y + Speed Ctrl, Ferro, Gar-Mega?, Rain, MimiLax with Mental Herb, Persian?, Intimidate, Lower than 104 speed Fini, Bisharp, Double Rain, Koko at certain times, Icy Wind, Forgetting that mons can be faster by Mega Evolving, Single target moves from CM Fini (other unexpected stuff), Faster Aegis, Double Intimidate, Scrafty, Sash Mimikyu
  2. Cress, Zard-Y, Tar, Ferro, High Sp D Bulu, Mimikyu, Naga, Manual Sun, Calm Mind, Taunt, Lele, Whimsicott, Prankster, Tailwind, Milotic, Goth, Skill Swap Weather, Another Rain Team, Assault Vest, AV Colo, Bisharp, Aegislash, Seed Zapdos, Hydra, Sash Blace or other mons, TR + Mawile, Storm Drain, Fini, Quiver Dance, Fast Scarfer
  3. Cress, Lando-T, Kang-Mega, Zard-Y + WG, Ferro, Celesteela, Gyarados, Mimikyu, Persian-A, Rotom-W. Mence-Mega, Swampert-Mega, Bulu, Fini, Kart, Top, Wide Guard, Kommo-O, 155 or higher speed + TW, Scarf Lando, Changing weather + Pheromosa, Will O Wisp, High Def Mons like Meta that hit back hard, Ally Switch, Icy Wind, Shuca Heatran, Dragon Dance, Kings Shield, Reflect
  4. Cress, Kang, Zard-Y, P2, Mimikyu, Kart, Pert-Mega + Rain, Bulu, Koko@ElectriumZ, Bulky Lele, Top, Volc
  5. Zard-Y + FO (Fake Out), TR, TW, Gyarados, Lele Gross, Single Target Rock Move, Flying Moves, Mence-Mega, Koko + FO, Fini (if no GD), Heatran
  6. Scrappy Kang, Faster Aegis, Lando, Zard-Y, Persian, Mence-Mega, Koko, Volc, Mimikyu, P2, Lele esp. Specs, TR, Kartana, Gyarados, Scarf Mons, Fighting Mons, Whim, Berry not activating, Meta after Tar takes LO recoil, Faster TW teams, not getting TW up, Taunt, Krookodile, PZ, Follow Me, Need techs to stop setup, Milotic, Dragon Dance, Fast mons, Spore + Terrain Change, Goth, Lax, Manectric-Mega, Mawile-Mega, Nihilego, Flinches, Sash Mimikyu
  7. Cress, Mimikyu, P2, Tar, Rain, Mence-Mega, Heatran, Naga, Electric/Misty Terrain for Sleep Powder, Fast Lando with RS (Jolly)/Scarf
  8. Fake Out, 2 grass resistant mons, TR, Outspeeding and Ohkoing a Pledger, 2 mons that outspeed, Whimsicott, Liepard, Tailwind + FO, Kang, Swift Swim + Tailwind, Priority Moves
  9. Change Terrain, Fast Aegis, Ferro, Mence-Mega, Special Lando, Zapdos, Zard-Y, Volc, Heatran
  10. Taunt, ImprisonTR, Cress (reverse TR), Encore, Tar, Buginium Z, Aegis, F.O, Slow and Fast Mons 
  11. Aegis + Disguise Breaker, Taunt, ImprisonTR, Foul Play, Encore, Scrappy FO, Fighting Moves, Haze, Clear Smog, Roar, Whirlwind, Will-O-Wisp, High Offense, Confuse Ray, Swagger
  12. Taunt, ImprisonTR, Cress (reverse TR), Bug or Dark Moves, Priority Encore, Fake Out, WG, Slower mons which are faster in TR, Resistance to the 1 powerhouse they are using, Tar, them protecting with the right mon
  13. Lele, Aegis (WG), Cress, Mimikyu, P2, Naga, Nihilego, Pert-Mega, Bulu + Mence Counter, L-Rod, Tar
  14. Tar, Taunt, Soundproof
  15. Two fairies block it https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7vgc2018-671158421, moonblast, kill it the turn it tries to z move
  16. Zard-Y, Azu, Kart, Milotic, Nihilego, Celesteela, Snarl, Leech Seed, Ally Switch, Venusaur, Electric Terrain, Misty Terrain, Gastro + Lele, Fast Offensive Mons, Speed Tie with other Gross/Jolly Gross or Tars, Substitute, Fake Out, Persian, Taunt, Parting Shot, Clear Smog, Haze, Jolly Tar Mega,  TW, Greninja, Meta, Tar, Ferro, Goth, Gar Mega, Rain, Surf, Slow Weather, Hydra, Screens
  17. A lot of the same as #17 except Lele seems to solve a lot of problems that had Fini on the team, Kart, Milotic, Nihilego, Celesteela, Snarl, Leech Seed, Ally Switch,  Electric Terrain, Misty Terrain, Fast Offensive Mons, Speed Tie with other Gross/Jolly Gross or Tars, Substitute,Taunt, Parting Shot, Clear Smog, Haze, Jolly Tar Mega, TW, Greninja, Meta, Tar, Ferro, Goth, Gar Mega, Rain, Surf, Slow Weather, Hydra, Screens

Diff kinds of teams:

Weather Teams: sun sand and rain (most commonly rain) Venusaur + Char-Y or Triple Drought, Tar + Excadrill, Pelipper/Politoed + Ludicolo/Kingdra, Ninetales/Whimiscott Mega Doom

Speed Control Teams: TR and TW (Gothitelle Mawile especially I’ve had issues with)
TR: Cresselia/Gardevoir-Mega/Gothitelle/Mimikyu/Porygon2

TR Powerhouses: Heatran/Mawile-Mega/Rhyperior/Snorlax/Tyranitar/Vikavolt/Etc with min Speed IVs

TW: Charizard-Y/Hydreigon (bad)/Salamence-Mega/Suicune/Volcarona/Zapdos

Trapping Teams: Perish song or Terrain + Intimidate Locking

Random Goodstuffs: Anything not in any other category or is but you do not center around it much

Support: Clefairy/Persian/Togekiss/TR Mons/TW Mons/Trapping Mons/Stat Boosters/Weather

Redirection: Clefairy/Togekiss/Amoonguss (is low-tier)

Random Combos (Whimisicott Terrakion, etc)


Weather Team Counters:

Sun (Shiftry Zard-Y): Rain/Sand

Sand (Tar Exca): Sun/Rain, Intimidate

Rain: Ferrothorn, Misty/Psychic Seed mons like Zapdos, Fini if Ludicolo is eliminated, Snorlax, AV mons like Koko, Changing weather such as Charizard Y or Tyranitar, Cress, Intimidate, Grass mons, Manual Weather (Sunny Day for example), Fake Out, Triple Drought, Light Screen, Cloud Nine, Eevee Teams

Speed Control Counters:

TR: Ferrothorn, Tar, other slow mons, Taunt, reverse TR, stall it out

TW: Match TW, TR, Taunt, stall it out

Trapping Team Counters:

Random Combo Counters:

Whim Terra: Follow Me, Win speed tie with my Terrakion, Trick Room + Mental Herb Cress, Scarf mon like Lele


      Speed Tiers:




      Future edits for myself: Try using the S Tier and other list for the tiers, also fix the formatting such as bolding and font size, add some pictures. Tailwinders should just be part of tier list And have a description. TwoSquare: Under "BSD teams need"
      TwoSquare: The best teams for consistency title might need a reword
      TwoSquare: I like "Overall/Average Team Composition (for consistency)"
      DeagleBeagle: oh I dont know how it changed fonts
      TwoSquare: Have the team role first then have examples in brackets
      DeagleBeagle: good eye
      TwoSquare: e.g Intimidator (e.g Arcanine, Salamence)
      TwoSquare: Or

      TwoSquare: Weather Counter (Tyranitar, Mega Charizard Y)
      TwoSquare: You really don't need images
      TwoSquare: Just have one at the start
      TwoSquare: To portray Pokemon or VGC or something like that

      Rain team = pelipper pert-mega ludi kingdra top amoonguss/araquanid*/other Fini and Mawile in TR Counter (perhaps Lax)

      Togedemaru Fini Counters: Mold Breaker attack, Encore, Feint, Grass moves, Poison Moves, Berry not activating, Sun, Taunt, Belly Drum, Clear Smog, Haze, Knock Off, Bug Bite, Non Stab move Metagross, Light Screen, Toxic after Misty Terrain wears off, Discharge

      Zard Y Scarf Lando Counters: Mence, Tar Exca, Scarf Final Gambit, TR, Scarfers, Defiant, Competitive
      Snorlax Goth Mega Manectric Lando-T team Counters:

      GX Counters: Koko, Aegis, Mence, Tar, Cune, Kang-Mega: LR Rhyperior, Justified ability, Speed Tie from opposing Koko, Bulu especially scarf from back with shadow tag, Excadrill, Chansey, Icy Wind, kommo o, Feint, Dual Screens, Seed Zapdos, Empoleon , Ninetales aurora veil especially light clay, Blacephalon, Ghost mons if I lack scrappy, Psyshock, Sunny day + heatran in TR, Jolly Scarf Lando

      GX team with tar and bulu: Roar vs moth

        ZALF + Kang Tar Issues: Can't kill P2, Zong issues, TopMoth, Encore, Liepard, Whimiscott, No fast mons so relies on Tailwind to beat things like Zard-Y if not tar, Krookodile

        ZALT + Lele Gross-Mega Issues: TR, Tailwind, Nihilego, Rock Moves, redirection, Fini, Bulky steels except Aegislash, Gastrodon, Dark type switch-ins, Intimidate after mega evolving, will o wisp, Mimikyu, Naga, Bulu, Sky Drop, weak to cm cress if hippowdon, Persian, Celesteela, encore if hippo, needing psychic terrain + intimidate if hippo,

         Alt 4 mons ideas: Tar Cune Lando Zap

        Moth Kang Cune Ferro Koko Lando counters: Good Rain player, Rock Tomb, Torkoal in TR, Koko + Prediction, Ally Switch, Opposing Tailwind, Psychic/Misty Seed Zapdos + Terrain, Ancientpower Heatran and other Single-Target Rock moves, Taunt esp. vs Cune, Kartana, Kommo-O, Sky Drop, Lightningrod, Wide Guard, TR, Will O Wisp, Scarf Mons, Lele, Pheromosa, Conversion PorygonZ, Defiant, Competitive, BD Lax + TR,

        Exca Tar Mence Amoonguss Zapdos Milotic Counters:

        Wednesday, July 19, 2017

        Patents for VGC 18

        I will be letting people apply for patents for VGC 18, since no other site will have this. I am already known as the "patent guy" for many years and it seems fitting that I be the only posting this stuff.

        This patent process for this post started on 11-22-17, the ones before it are ones I have publicly posted before elsewhere. The dates posted next to the users mean when they told me about it, not when they invented it.

        Prediction: Incineroar with Intimidate being released around 3-10-18 will become the 2nd or 1st highest used pokemon on PS and Global Link within 2 months.

        Image result for tyranitar
        BulkyTar - LORDANDY
        Tyranitar @ Figy Berry
        Ability: Sand Stream
        Level: 50
        EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 124 Def / 60 SpD / 68 Spe
        Impish Nature
        - Rock Slide
        - Thunder Wave
        - Taunt
        - Protect

        Image result for pidgeot mega
        smashisapartygame - Mega Pidgeot + Work Up
        Pidgeot-Mega @ Pidgeotite  
        Ability: No Guard  
        Level: 50  
        EVs: 212 Atk / 44 SpA / 252 Spe  
        Naive Nature  
        - Work Up  
        - Giga Impact  
        - Hyper Beam  
        - Tailwind

        Politics + Pokemon talk during Wifi battle videos - DeagleBeagle 01-03-18

        Circle Throw Wrath - LORDANDY
        Poliwrath @ Choice Band
        Ability: Swift Swim
        Level: 50
        EVs: 148 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 100 Spe
        Adamant Nature
        - Brick Break
        - Circle Throw
        - Waterfall
        - Rock Slide

        Physical Blace - Lando Is So So Bad 
        Blacephalon @ Life Orb/Choice Band
        Ability: Beast Boost
        Level: 50
        EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe
        Jolly Nature
        - Shadow Claw
        - Foul Play
        - Flame Charge /Explosion
        - Protect/Knock Off

        Image result for stakatakaFini Swagger + Staka - AuraRayquaza
        Stakataka @ Misty Seed
        Ability: Beast Boost
        Level: 50
        EVs: 252 HP / 172 Atk / 84 SpD
        Brave Nature
        IVs: 0 Spe
        - Rock Slide
        - Gyro Ball
        - Protect
        - Wide Guard / Trick Room

        My patents:

        Patented Koko Mence Aegislash Tar Persian Moth/Suicune - 11-20-17

        PS: I will be removing patents after it is proven that ideas came out before mine or others. So the integrity is definitely here.

        Sunday, April 2, 2017

        VGC 2017

        I am posting here to patent a new idea I thought of on 04-01-17 (not a joke). Drifblim with Electric Seed + Tapu Koko with AV so that it survives a Specs Psychic from Lele.

        VGC 18

        Changes from BSD to VGC 18 besides Timer include: New UB's: Blacephalon, Stakataka, Naganadel No PUP Kang-Mega Knock Off Incineroar,...