Tuesday, October 10, 2017

VGC 18

Changes from BSD to VGC 18 besides Timer include:
  • New UB's: Blacephalon, Stakataka, Naganadel
  • No PUP Kang-Mega
  • Knock Off Incineroar, Icy Wind Fini, TW Kartana
All else seems to remain pretty much the same.

VGC 18 Teambuilding

VGC 18/BSD Teams need:

  1. Fini/Koko (Terrain and Status Counter)
  2. Cresselia/Zapdos/Suicune/Charizard-Y/Gothitelle/P2/Mence (Speed Control)
  3. TR Mon/A team full of bulky mons with few weaks (TR Counter)
  4. Lando-T/Mawile-Mega/Mence/Gyarados/Arcanine (Intimidate - optional)
  5. Tyranitar/Zard-Y/A team with enough weather resists (Weather Counter)
  6. Fake Out (Kang/Ludi/Persian/Shiftry)
  7. Kangaskhan-Mega/Zard-Y/Metagross-Mega/Gar-Mega/Lopunny-MegaTar-Mega?/Mence-Mega? (Mega - optional)
  8. Almost any mon, esp. an offensive one (Z move)

Best teams as of 11-16-17 for consistency seem to be:
  1. Landorus-T
  2. EQ Immunity (Cress/Mence-Mega/Rotom-W/Vikavolt/Zapdos/Zard-Y)
  3. Tapu Fini
  4. Offensive Speed Control (Gardy-Mega/Mimikyu/P2 - TR, Max Speed TW Mons/Mence-Mega)
  5. TR Mon/A team full of bulky mons with few weaks (TR Counter)
  6. Tyranitar/Zard-Y/A team with enough weather resists (Weather Counter)
  7. Fake Out (Kang/Ludi/Shiftry)
  8. Kangaskhan-Mega*/Zard-Y*/Metagross-Mega*/Gar-Mega*/Lopunny-Mega/Tar-Mega/Mence-Mega (Mega - optional)
  9. Almost any mon, esp. an offensive one (Z move)

If this format doesn't work try replacing the intimidator and EQ immunity slot

VGC 18 Tier List 

Top Tier:
  1. Aegislash
  2. Charizard-Y
  3. Cresselia - High with with CM IB Moonlight/Rest Filler only
  4. Ferrothorn
  5. Gengar-Mega - Shadow Tag
  6. Kangaskhan-Mega
  7. Kingdra
  8. Landorus-T
  9. Ludicolo -  Top Tier with Rain
  10. Mimikyu - Sash/Misty or Psychic Seed, takes z moves well
  11. Muk 
  12. Naganadel 
  13. Pelipper - Top Tier with Double Rain
  14. Persian-Alola
  15. Politoed - good at countering other weathers
  16. Rotom-W- try with waterium z or zoom lens
  17. Swampert-Mega - Top Tier with Rain
  18. Tapu Bulu - It's terrain is useful esp vs Landorus-T or Tapus
  19. Tapu Fini
  20. Tapu Koko 
  21. Tapu Lele
  22. Shiftry
  23. Tyranitar
  24. Tyranitar-Mega
  25. Volcarona - Good with Wide Guard Support and Quiver Dance
  26. Zapdos
Suspect for Top Tier (Testing, uncategorized):

Electro Ball vs mons as they mega evolve = what dmg?
Gyarados regular
Metagross-Mega with Stomping Tantrum + Z Move Lele
Kommo-O with Z move
Mega Blastoise

High Tier: 

Gothitelle - Shadow Tag
Raichu - Lightningrod
Salamence-Mega - no powerful move
Weavile - Icinium Z

Medium Tier:

Abomasnow - Counters Rain
Abomasnow-Mega - Counters Rain
Aerodactyl - Has TW and WG Support
Araquanid - Good for Wide Guard support and powerful in Trick Room also Bug Bite
Blacephalon - Too fragile and doesn't OHKO enough
Celesteela - Provides WG support and counters a lot of commonly used mons
Arcanine - Weak to rain but has a niche Lando doesn't - diff typing and Espeed
Clefairy - Good for supporting things like lax for example but does nothing on its own
Escavalier - Fast in TR and has Overcoat for Amoonguss with High Power
Greninja - Debatable, some say Pheromosa is better, but it has more bulk and Protean, can be useful for Mat Block on a Perish Song team
Houndoom-Mega - Solar Power
Pheromosa - Takes a lot of dmg from Z moves thru protect, doesn't ohko much
Rhyperior - good for Hard TR
Terrakion - When used with Whimiscott
Vikavolt - good for Hard TR
Whimsicott - When used with Terrakion

Viable (Not top tier or used a lot but may or may not have a niche role):
  1. Amoonguss - It's main niche is Spore, but with Terrains and Sub everywhere it doesn't work
  2. Azumarill - Outclassed by Fini only niche is Belly Drum and/or Aqua Jet and Knock Off
  3. Bisharp - Doesn't ohko anything and too weak defensively too slow also
  4. Blaziken - Countered easily by most mons (dies easy and doesnt ohko much)
  5. Blaziken-Mega - It's niche is higher speed than regular Blaziken
  6. Breloom - Too much misty/electric terrain
  7. Buzzwole - Good potential but too slow and weak to common moves and Intimidate
  8. Camerupt-Mega - Every team has a bulky water counter 
  9. Chandelure - Too fragile for TR and not powerful enough, sand breaks sash
  10. Crobat - Not offensive enough 
  11. Diggersby
  12. Drifblim - Scrappy Kang beats it, also it is inferior to other Tailwinders usually
  13. Eelektross - Outclassed by Vikavolt - only has 1 stab move and less Sp Atk
  14. Excadrill - Doesn't ohko much mostly just good vs Sand
  15. Gallade-Mega - They wont use Kang when you have Gallade, doesnt ohko much
  16. Garchomp - Outclassed by Landorus-T usually
  17. Gardevoir-Mega - Doesn't ohko almost anything, pixilate nerf 
  18. Gigalith - Outclassed by Tar usually except for Wide Guard and faster in TR
  19. Gyarados-Mega - Too many weaknesses
  20. Hawlucha - Use with a Terrain mon, similar to Drifblim, killed easily
  21. Hitmontop - Countered by Lele, doesn't super affect much
  22. Hydreigon* - Weak to Fairy which is too common and cant use an offensive item - try again with tw
  23. Infernape - Dies easy and doesn't ohko much and can't fake out often enough
  24. Jellicent - Weak to too many things
  25. Kartana - Gets ohko'd a lot by special moves and doesnt ohko enough
  26. Latias - Weak to Fairy and Dragon is a bad offensive type
  27. Manectric-Mega - Relies on Rain and not very good outside of it - weak moves
  28. Metagross - Why use when there is MegaGross? Maybe Clear Body + No Mega Slot, Misses too much
  29. Milotic - They just dont lead intimidate then kinda useless 
  30. Mudsdale - prob outclassed by landorus or Rhyperior
  31. Ninetales-Alola - Cannot Aurora Veil often due to a lot of opposing weather
  32. Raikou - Seems to have the niche of DS but 9tales usually outclasses or Manectric-Mega
  33. Rotom-H - Counters Sun
  34. Rotom-Mow - Counters rain
  35. Sceptile-Mega - Doesnt super affect enough and has bad defensive typing
  36. Scizor - Doesnt ohko enough, priority is good but intimidate and Lele are problems
  37. Scrafty - Moonblast Ohkos it
  38. Slowbro-Mega - Generally outclassed by CM Moonlight Cress
  39. Swampert regular - No niche besides Wide Guard and would be good if it always could super affect at least 1/2 mons out and their switch-ins
  40. Sylveon - Same issues Gardy-Mega has
  41. Terrakion - If it doesn't super affect much and outspeed them it isn't worth it
  42. Thundurus - Outclassed by Thundy-T almost always
  43. Thundurus-T - Only has electric moves and hidden power Ice - Koko is usually better unless you really use Volt Absorb
  44. Togekiss - All this mon really does is follow me it is worse than most other tailwinders
  45. Venusaur-Mega -  Maybe Usable vs low-offensive teams
  46. Venusaur-Regular
  47. Yanmega - Doesn't super affect much
Diff kinds of teams:

Weather Teams: sun sand and rain (most commonly rain) Venusaur + Char-Y or Triple Drought, Tar + Excadrill, Pelipper/Politoed + Ludicolo/Kingdra, Ninetales/Whimiscott Mega Doom

Speed Control Teams: TR and TW (Gothitelle Mawile especially I’ve had issues with)
TR: Cresselia/Gardevoir-Mega/Gothitelle/Mimikyu/Porygon2

TR Powerhouses: Heatran/Mawile-Mega/Rhyperior/Snorlax/Tyranitar/Vikavolt/Etc with min Speed IVs

TW: Charizard-Y/Hydreigon (bad)/Salamence-Mega/Suicune/Volcarona/Zapdos

Trapping Teams: Perish song or Gengar Sableye Combo (Countered by Fini/Koko)

Random Goodstuffs: Anything not in any other category or is but you do not center around it much

Support: Clefairy/Persian/Togekiss/TR Mons/TW Mons/Trapping Mons/Stat Boosters/Weather

Redirection: Clefairy/Togekiss/Amoonguss (is low-tier)

Random Combos (Gengar Sableye, Whimisicott Terrakion, Tar + Exca, etc)


Weather Team Counters:

Sun: Rain/Sand

Sand: Sun/Rain, intimidate,

Rain: Ferrothorn, Misty/Psychic Seed mons like Zapdos, Fini if Ludicolo is eliminated, Snorlax, AV mons like Koko, Changing weather such as Charizard Y or Tyranitar, Cress, Intimidate, Grass mons, Manual Weather (Sunny Day for example), Fake Out, Triple Drought, Light Screen, Cloud Nine, Eevee Teams

Speed Control Counters:

TR: Ferrothorn, Tar, other slow mons, Taunt, reverse TR, stall it out

TW: Match TW, TR, Taunt, stall it out

Trapping Team Counters:

Random Combo Counters:

Whim Terra: Follow Me, Win speed tie with my Terrakion, Trick Room + Mental Herb Cress, Scarf mon like Lele

Gengar Sableye: Fini/Koko/Safeguard/MistyTerrain/PranksterTaunt

Tar Exca: Sun/Rain, Intimidate

Venusaur Zard-Y: Rain/Sand

Scrafty Scarf Jellicent - Try not to Trick Room Turn1 until I know what it does also Scrafty walls 1 gleam from Koko

The "New Big6" landorus kang fini zapdos aegislash and a fire mon

Current Metagame Counters:

Knock Off
PUP Kang + Speed Control
Zard-Y + Lando-T
TR High Offense
Perish Trap Rain Teams - Beat by Scarf, Uturn/Volt Switch, Taunt, Ghost Mon, etc
Terracott - Beat by using bulky TR user, or Scarf, or Follow Me

Top2 Team Options:

  1. Fini/Koko - Terrain
  2. Zapdos/Suicune - TW
  3. Tar and Aegis - TR Mon/A team full of bulky mons with few weaks (TR Counter)
  4. Lando-T/Mence - Intimidate, EQ Immunity = Zap if Lando
  5. Tar - Weather
  6. Kang/Persian - Fake Out 
  7. Kangaskhan-Mega/Metagross-Mega/Mence-Mega - Mega
  8. Almost any mon, esp. an offensive one (Z move)

ZALF + Kang Tar
Koko Mence Persian Cune Tar Aegis

      Speed Tiers:



      Future edits for myself: Try using the S Tier and other list for the tiers, also fix the formatting such as bolding and font size, add some pictures. Tailwinders should just be part of tier list And have a description. TwoSquare: Under "BSD teams need"
      TwoSquare: The best teams for consistency title might need a reword
      TwoSquare: I like "Overall/Average Team Composition (for consistency)"
      DeagleBeagle: oh I dont know how it changed fonts
      TwoSquare: Have the team role first then have examples in brackets
      DeagleBeagle: good eye
      TwoSquare: e.g Intimidator (e.g Arcanine, Salamence)
      TwoSquare: Or

      TwoSquare: Weather Counter (Tyranitar, Mega Charizard Y)
      TwoSquare: You really don't need images
      TwoSquare: Just have one at the start
      TwoSquare: To portray Pokemon or VGC or something like that

      Wednesday, July 19, 2017

      Patents for VGC 18

      I will be letting people apply for patents for VGC 18, since no other site will have this. I am already known as the "patent guy" for many years and it seems fitting that I be the only posting this stuff.

      This patent process for this post started on 11-22-17, the ones before it are ones I have publicly posted before elsewhere. The dates posted next to the users mean when they told me about it, not when they invented it.

      Physical Blace - Lando Is So So Bad 
      Blacephalon @ Life Orb/Choice Band
      Ability: Beast Boost
      Level: 50
      EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe
      Jolly Nature
      - Shadow Claw
      - Foul Play
      - Flame Charge /Explosion
      - Protect/Knock Off

      Fini Swagger + Staka - AuraRayquaza
      Stakataka @ Misty Seed
      Ability: Beast Boost
      Level: 50
      EVs: 252 HP / 172 Atk / 84 SpD
      Brave Nature
      IVs: 0 Spe
      - Rock Slide
      - Gyro Ball
      - Protect
      - Wide Guard / Trick Room

      My patents:

      Patented Koko Mence Aegislash Tar Persian Moth/Suicune - 11-20-17

      PS: I will be removing patents after it is proven that ideas came out before mine or others. So the integrity is definitely here.

      Sunday, April 2, 2017

      VGC 2017

      I am posting here to patent a new idea I thought of on 04-01-17 (not a joke). Drifblim with Electric Seed + Tapu Koko with AV so that it survives a Specs Psychic from Lele.