Tuesday, November 19, 2019

VGC 20

           VGC 20 - last updated 03-01-20

We are now in Series 3 as of March 1st, 2020!

Rules here: https://www.pikalytics.com/articles/vgc-20-rule-announcement But see updated rules

Mechanics Questions Answered: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/sword-shield-battle-mechanics-research.3655528/

SEE "Older Posts" for my Speed Tier Article and from other VGC Seasons.

I will also be listing some teambuilding ideas for Gen 8 Battle Stadium doubles based on requests. Asterisks mean likely better mons or mons I need to test more. If you want me to put anything else on the blog please feel free to tell me.

https://www.smogon.com/stats/2020-02/Usage stats from February, use this to figure out standard movesets, items, etc on mons.

https://pikalytics.com/ and https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1BAIySW0zF_buiL9ULO5AQVQaDAEExJ1S seem to be useful for usage also, unconfirmed for 2nd link.

Pyrotoz.com is updated for SwSh, and is useful for finding out your team's weaknesses. Or https://marriland.com/tools/team-builder/. Recommend no more than 3x weaks in something, but Sash or Resist Berry could mitigate that and some teams may need to use more than 3 weaks to beat more important stuff.

https://www.babiri.net/#/ Is a good site for finding quick replays of topteams, thanks to deishu alt for showing it to me!

Teambuilding Guidelines: 

  1. Sleep Counter: Safeguard/Lum/Chesto/Max Starfall/Misty/E-Terrain/Taunt/etc like Overcoat
  2. Speed Control: Tailwind/Trick Room/Max Airstream/Icy Wind/etc
    1. ImprisonTR or some other Hard TR counter
  3. Solar Power Gmax Zard Counter - Thick Fat Lax/Haxorus/Rhyperior in TR/Manual Rain/etc
  4. Dragapult Counter: Duraludon/Trick Room/etc
  5. Durant Counter: Heat Wave + Speed Ctrl/Kill Togekiss then outspeed and kill Durant/etc
  6. Optional: Phazing/tech move to maintain speed control or stop setup: Roar/Fake Out/FM/etc
    1. Optional: Counter to WP Shadow Sneak/Priority move - Follow Me/Disguise + Dynamax/etc
    2. Justified Beat Up Counter: Follow Me/Fake Out sometimes/Disguise+Dyna/etc
  7. Optional: Intimidate and PShot Counter like Competitive or Defiant or a lot of Special mons
  8. Optional: Aurora Veil Counter, like Brick Break/PsychicFangs/etc
  9. Optional: Counter to Rotom-W with Eerie Impulse - Mold Breaker Exca, Grass mon, etc
  10. Optional: Intimidate, Fake Out, Weather, mon that benefits from Weather, Terrain, Follow Me
    1. Listing this one last since isn't a direct counter to anything, and is optional

Before getting into the tiers I need to state that it is somewhat subjective based on all the Pokemon I have tested and seen others use. But Top Tier mons to me means they are mons in a pool of mons I am very likely considering picking in a regional. This means they are not only highly consistent but also have high potential on some kind of team. High tier means either highly consistent or high potential, but not both. Medium tier means at most medium potential and or consistency. And Low tier means it is low in either consistency or potential. And by "special resources" I mean requiring more than passive support. For example using Pelipper is passive support for a Rain team since it doesn't require a move like "Rain Dance", but having to use a move that is not good in general simply to support a mon probably will make that mon not top tier unless that mon is amazing when supported.


  1. Speed Control moves like icy wind
  2. Hitmontop
Top Tier: - Mons Great in general without needing a special resources (Active not Passive) for it

  1. Abomasnow - typically > vanilluxe since 2 stabs and better typing and walls sleep powder
  2. Arcanine - Wisp Misses,  not great offensively, but great for Intimidate, mostly great for snarl
  3. Chandy - Worse in Series 3 with everything super affecting it and Charizard getting Solar Power now  - but still good vs some things like Sun teams
  4. Charizard Gmax - If you need to Dmax something else Blaze Zard tends to suck
  5. Conk
  6. Corviknight and Gmax form
  7. Duraludon
  8. Durant 
  9. Dusclops
  10. Exca
  11. Gastrodon
  12. Hatterene Gmax
  13. Incineroar - only top tier vs a few mons like sun teams
  14. Indeedee-F  - Psychic Terrain and FM is useful esp with Lum Berry
  15. Jellicent
  16. Lapras Gmax 
  17. Liepard 
  18. Mandibuzz - not very off. sometimes, but FP is good
  19. Milotic - Has Competitive, but rarely activates, however coil + hypnosis is threatening
  20. Mimikyu - in general not that great anymore but good for setup and vs a few teams
  21. Ninetales-Drought - Good w/ Fake Tears
  22. Orbeetle-Gmax - Gravity is really good for Sleep or low-accurate moves or Levitate
  23. Pelipper
  24. Persian-Alolan
  25. Primarina - good off and def typing and stats, but a lot of weaknesses
  26. Rotom-H
  27. Rotom-C - good vs Rain and Mold Breaker
  28. Sylveon
  29. Togekiss
  30. Torkoal
  31. T-Tar
  32. Vanilluxe - 1 STAB and few resists compared to Snow, but is faster for Aurora Veil
  33. Venusaur - Try to only Sleep Powder when desperate
  34. Whimsicott

High Tier: Mons that are only great on certain teams 

  • Aegislash - Having to Kings Shield every other turn is a weakness
  • Alcremie - Sweet Veil isn't a big enough reason to use it, they can FM or Taunt Decorate
  • Appletun - thick fat, better typing than Ferro
  • Araq - Powerful, but slow and bad movepool, try iron ball 
  • Barraskewda - Good vs Redirection (its only niche) and cant kill bulky TR mons
  • Bisharp - Fragile with weaknesses and WOW weak, can't SP when Dynamaxed, use late game
  • Blastoise - Maybe has a niche with Yawn but Jellicent usually is better
  • Braviary - not that offensive unless it gets a boost
  • Bronzong - Has some weaknesses, but TR and OK offensive move
  • Butterfree and Gmax one
  • Charizard Regular - Relies on Sun for Solar Power, but good with Torkoal
    • Probably use Gmax Zard instead with Solar Power
  • Cinccino - Use Band 
  • Cinderace
  • Clefairy - Usually outclassed by Togekiss since it has like no offensive potential and really slow, also dies easier from Dyna moves unless Sashed. 
  • Coalossal  - Got improved with Volcalith but still a gimmick with Surf
  • Crawdaunt - Highly offensive but kinda slow and not great defenses or defensive typing
  • Darmanitan with Gorilla Tactics @Scarf/Band - weak to Intimidate and bad defensive typing
  • Ditto 
    • - Copies boosts but might be locked in if Scarf and not super consistent, countered by Neutralizing Gas
  • Dracovish - Intimidate, Good defensive and off. typing, not fast enough or great stats, gastro
  • Dracozolt 
    • - Good with Gravity and Dragon Rush and Iron Ball Bolt Break with Clops, weak to Duraludon, Exca, Whim, Vanilluxe, etc
  • Dragapult - Mediocre besides being Dynamaxed unless maybe the Special Set, weak to Dura
  • Drampa
  • Drednaw - Its offense is OK but not great in Rain
  • Ferro - good with Body Press Iron Defense
  • Golispod
  • Goodra - Usually Duraludon is better, one STAB, worse defensive typing
  • Goth - might be top tier with durant, but in general TR is bad
    • I tried with Durant it is OK but Durant isn't nearly as good in Series 3 and there is nothing super special about this Combo
  • Gourgeist - Good for Trick-Or-Treat and being immune to Sleep Powder
  • Grimmsnarl - Prankster is good, decent moves 
  • Gyarados - both abilities are good, a bit passive and its 4x weak is annoying
  • Hatterene (Not Gmax) - Too many moves now that SE it like Pult or Duraludon/Exca
    • Outclassed by Gmax Hatterene
  • Haxorus - Outspeeds Dragapult with Scarf, decent def. typing, only one STAB move
  • Hippowdon
  • Hitmontop - One STAB and not great for Dmaxing
  • Hydra - Bad defensive typing 
  • Indeedee-M - Not sure if this one is top-tier without Follow Me
  • Inteleon - Might be good for Rain or Hail teams or even w/o it
  • Kommo-O - bad defensive typing
  • Lapras - Freeze Dry, good vs Rain and Dracovish
  • Lucario - Inner Focus is good and steel goes well with Fighting vs Togekiss, try sash
  • Ludicolo - too dependent on rain and gastrodon vs max geyser is an issue, freeze dry weak
  • Mamo - bad defensive typing
  • Mawile - Has Intimidate and decent def. typing and off.
  • Meowstic - Seems like a speedier Grimmsnarl with diff typing
  • Morelull - Only useful to outspeed mons in TR + uses no offensive moves over Shiinotic 
  • Mr. Mime - Could use Sitrus or some item besides Eviolite
  • Mr. Rime - Screen Cleaner and Safeguard for Sleep or misc., and Eviolite
  • Mudsdale - Too slow, doesnt counter TR, and weak to a lot of moves
  • Ninetales-Alola - Bad offensive coverage and bad defensively
    • Fast speed and Aurora Veil, Moonblast, and Icy wind is its niche, almost top tier
  • Noivern - Gets Tailwind and decent stats
  • Oranguru - Can't Instruct Dynamaxed mons, low power on its own, weakness policy other tr mons
  • Passimian - Has Defiant but isn't powerful, even with a boost not great or fast
  • Pikachu Gmax - Requires at least Passive support like Intimidate
  • Raichu - with Eerie Impulse, i
  • Reuniclus - Has Magic Guard with Life Orb, try with Indeedee - made for Hard TR
  • Rotom-W - Misses Hydro Pump too much, Gastrodon counters it
    • Eerie impulse one countered by Lightningrod
  • Rhyperior - Needs TR with it, 4x weak to grass and water
  • Roserade - Use Wide Lens or Sash
  • Rotom-W - Hydro Pump Misses, Storm Drain, Mold Breaker, Sun are problems
  • Scrafty - Watch out for Burns
  • Seismitoad - too dependent on rain and gastrodon vs max geyser is an issue
  • Shiftry - Has Chlorophyll, try Sash with Special set and foul play
  • Shiinotic - Has Spore, but doesn't do much else
  • Snorlax and Gmax - Only activates half the time, try Band
  • Torracat - typically outclassed by Persian or Incin
  • Vikavolt
  • Vileplume - Needs sun with it, Sleep Powder can miss
  • Weezing-G - NG or Misty Surge - both High Tier since not that useful very commonly



Medium Tier
  1. Froslass Hawlucha - Good but not great, Ice Shard with two mons immune to fake out, to activate weakness policy and unburden on Hawlucha
  2. Drampa with cloud nine + Inteleon/Arc with LO Physical Jolly/Zard/Salazzle to outspeed Salazzle and take advantage of weather negating

Switch-in Choiced Dracovish Fishious Rend Counters: Mimikyu/Lapras/Gastrodon/Maractus/Jellicent/Ludicolo/Dracovish/Sash and outspeed and ohko back

Ghost Types/Inner Focus (Good for F.O. flinch immunity, or can use HH + Dyna): Jellicent/Chandelure/Dragapult/Dusclops or HH (almost anything, like Kiss/Sylveon/Rotom for ex)

Beat Up + Justified Counters: Follow Me, Foul Play, Sash, Fake Out, Trick Room, Change their ability, Psych Up, Haze, Clear Smog if not Steel, Faster Wisp, Neutralizing Gas Weezing, Topsy Turvy, Excadrill + Sand or Priority TW,

Priority Twave Counters: Dark types, ground types, safeguard, Misty Terrain, Max Starfall,  nonpriority taunt, lightningrod, facade if not parahaxed

Good Weakness Policy (WP) users: Dragapult/Rhyperior/Togekiss/T-tar/Unburden ones - Hawlucha

How to counter WP DynaKiss: LO Durant Dynamaxed/Power Swap/Bolt Beak Dracozolt/Rock Wrecker Rhyperior/Chip it and then finish off/Dont SE it/Trick Room/Trick bad item/Fairy and Flying resists like Rotom-H/Wait a turn and see if Dmax or not/Magic Room/Know its item on game2/See other Dynamax counters at the bottom of my blog

WP Counters: Magic Room/Don't SE them/Hit their Ally/Knock Off/Trick/Switcheroo/Finish off/Power Swap/Going after them the turn you SE them/Speed Control

Yawn: Togekiss/Sylveon/Gastro/Oranguru/Torkoal

Psychic Fangs: Barraskewda/RK9/Dracovish/Dragapult/Mawile

Brick Break: Almost anything but tends to be a filler move Grimm/Scrafty/Dura/Hax/Darman/Conk/Lax/Tar/Exca/Aboma/Kiss/Goth/Orang/Kommo-O

Defog/Court Change/Gmax Wind Rage/ScreenCleaner/Mon to outspeed OHKO Lapras: Hydra/Braviary/Conk(BB is better)/Whim/Rotom/Zard/Butter/Cinderace*/Corviknight**/Mr. Rime or Mr. Mime***/LO Dracozolt Dmax or Band nonDmax one or Pikachu with LightBall****

Icy wind: Gyarados*/Colo*/Mamo*/Seismi*/Jelli*/Obstagoon/Aboma/Mawile

E-web: Rotom forms*/Passimian/Butterfree/Raichu/Pikachu

Max Strike and Max Airstream for Speed Control: Almost anything

Dragon Dance: Tar*/Gyara*/Scrafty/Lapras/Kommo-O/Dragapult*/Crawdaunt/Haxorus*

Flame Charge: Arc/Chandy/Cinderace/Zard/9tales

Bulldoze: Zard/Arc/Exca/Gyara/Tar/Aboma/Hippo/Mamo/Conk/Seismi/Haxorus/Darman-G/Hydra/Goodra/Diggersby/Kommo-O/Drednaw

Intimidate: Gyarados, Arcanine, Scrafty, Hitmontop, Mawile, Qwilfish

Terrain: Indeedee(Psy-Terrain)/Tsareena(Similar to Psy-Terrain), Pincurchin (Electric-T), Weezing-G (Misty-T), Rillaboom (Grassy Terrain - not yet)

Weather: Pelipper/Tar/Torkoal/Hippowdon/Aboma/Vanilluxe/Ninetales Drought and Snow Warning

TR (Trick Room): Oranguru/Chandy/Goth/Hatterene/Mimikyu/Dusclops - best ones

TW (Tailwind): Mandibuzz/Braviary*/Whimsicott*/Drifblim/Corviknight*/Pelipper*/Butterfree/Noivern*/Frosmoth

Hydra, Togekiss, Hawlucha, Zard and Silvally do not get TW anymore

Swift Swim: Ludicolo*/Barraskewda/Drednaw/Seismitoed*

Sand Rush: Exca

Chlorophyll: Vileplume*/Shiftry*/Whimsicott*/Bellossom(outclassed by Vileplume)/Leafeon

Solar Power: Zard*/Heliolisk

Fake Out: Goth/Hitmontop/Ludicolo/Perrserker/Liepard/Pikachu/Raichu/Salazzle/Scrafty

Follow Me: Clefairy(NoFriendGuardYet)/Clefable/Togekiss/Indeedee

Lucario lost Follow Me

Rage Powder: Butterfree/etc

Competitive: Milotic/Goth

Defiant: Obstagoon/Bisharp/Passimian/Falinks/Braviary*

LR (Lightningrod): Rhyperior/Rhydon/Pincurchin/Togedemaru/Raichu/nonGmaxPika

Flash Fire: Chandy*/Centiskorch/Coalossal

TR Powerhouses + Sleep: Tar/Araq/Rhyperior/Torkoal/Lax/Aboma/Toxtricity/Conkeldurr/Pangoro/Sylveon/Drampa/Mudsdale/Hatterene/Shiinotic

TW Powerhouses + Sleep: Tar/9tales/Zard/Chandelure/Sylveon/Dracovish/Abomasnow/Butterfree

Scrappy/Own Tempo/Inner focus/Oblivious changed to ignore Intimidate

Medium Tier: - Mons that are very rarely great on teams, very niche
  • Beartic - Has Slush Rush but only decent offense and bad defensive typing
  • Boltund - Has Strong Jaw and High Speed but weak and low defenses
  • Bronzor - Very weak power and lacks body press
  • Centiskorch - Has White Smoke, but bad defensive typing 
  • Claydol - Not very powerful and bad defensive typing, but has Imprison TR
  • Clefable/Clefairy* - Better Follow Me users in theory
  • Cloyster - Skill Link is good for countering Sashes but that is about it, with Scarf Jolly
  • Cofagrigus - Has TR and Fake Tears, but weak offense
  • Dhelmise - It does have 3 Stabs but bad defensive and offensive typing and is slow 
  • Drifblim - Requires Misty or Psychic Terrain, Dbond nerfed, not very offensive
  • Dugtrio - Has Arena Trap, Beat Up, and Ally Switch, but fragile and weak
  • Dusknoir - Has TR but weak offense
  • Eldegoss - Low offense and relies on Leech Seed, but great ability
  • Escavalier - Good in TR but there is Torkoal and a lot of fire mons in general
  • Flapple - Decent in TR and if Gravity is up and if Dmaxed
  • Flygon - Mediocre stats, very small niche 
  • Gallade - Weak defenses, can be Intimidated, slow, but has ImprisonTR
  • Gardevoir - Outspeeds and Ohkos Dragapult with Timid, but weak offense and defen
  • Gengar - Good Offense but fragile 
  • Gigalith - Usually outclassed by Tar, only one STAB, might be ok on TR
  • Goth competitive Imprison - Only has 1 or 2 attacking moves and Competitive might not work
  • Hawlucha -Relies on Swagger but can miss, or use WP + priority move
  • Heliolisk - Fragile, but powerful in Sun 
  • Klinkklang - Has Clear Body with TR but only one STAB and not great moves or stats
  • Leafeon - Has Chlorophyll, but isn't powerful enough and bad defensive typing
  • Linoone-G - Has Parting Shot and Knock Off but bad stats other than Speed
  • Machamp - Outclassed by other Fighting types
  • Manectric - Weak offense and fragile, but has LR
  • Mantine - Good moves and abilities but weak stats
  • Obstagoon - Good against Dynamax and Intimidate Lowers, otherwise just OK, with Guts it is OK also but not great
  • Octillery - Decent with Specs Spout in TR but that is about it 
  • Pangoro - Scrappy, but is slow 
  • Perrserker - At best it is OK in offensive moves and defensive typing
  • Pincurchin - Electric Surge is a useful niche, but generally outclassed by Weezing
  • Poltageist - Fragile defenses but Shell Smash strategy might work 
  • Qwilfish - Has intimidate but not great defensive typing or offense
  • Raichu - Weak offense and fragile, but has LR
  • Rhydon - Not extremely powerful, slow, bad defensive typing, but has Lightningrod
  • Ribombee - Might be OK with Sweet Veil and Speed Swap for a specific team
  • Sableye - Has prankster but weak offense 
  • Shedinja - too many things SE it, use Safety Goggles, Soak doesn't work consistently
  • Silvally - Requires Type Memory and only has one STAB, maybe useful somehow
  • Sirfetch'd - Has Scrappy and unique moves, but fragile and slow
  • Steelix - Decent offense and bulk on a TR team
  • Stonjourner - slow and only decent offense but decent ability
  • Toxtricity - offensive but fragile
  • Trevenant - Bad defensive typing, but has TR and decent offense
  • Tsareena - Has Queenly Majesty, but doesn't have great offense or support
  • Umbreon - with yawn foul play snarl protect/filler, is not very powerful but supportive

Low Tier: - Mons that seem to have no niche or are generally inconsistent/bad on any team

Accelgor - Pretty much ruined from Final Gambit doing half to Dynamax
Aegislash - Doesn't keep defensive form when Dynamaxing Max Guard, stats and KS nerfed
Avalugg - bad defensive typing and slow, not good support moves
Bellossom - Outclassed by Vileplume
Bewear - Outclassed by other Fighting types, Fluffy is not enough of a niche
Crustle - Not powerful enough with Shell Smash and slow
Cursola - Perish Body requires you to attack it with a contact move to activate, not consistent
Cramorant - Ability is decent but even with Coalossal can't make Surf work well
Diggersby - Use Exca or something instead, it is outclassed
Eiscue - Fragile and Gimmicky
Falinks - Not great stats and requires setup
Frosmoth - bad typing
Glalie - Has Inner Focus, but is fragile, slow, and needs a boost to be any good
Grapploct - Octolock sucks as it goes away when it faints so Grapplock is useless
Hitmonchan - Has Inner Focus, but outclassed by other Fighting mons
Hitmonlee - Outclassed by Hawlucha
Malamar - dynamaxing with Max Knuckle or having allies dynamax works against it
Mantine - outclassed by Pelipper
Maractus - Outclassed by other Chlorophyll mons like Leafeon, doesn't get Storm Drain
Morpeko - Too weak and fragile but Aura Wheel is good
Rillaboom with Overgrowth - Bad defensive typing, weak to Intimidate, only one STAB
Salazzle - Doesn't have a good niche, fragile, and only decent offense
Sandaconda - Sand Spit is not as good as Sandstream, outclassed by Tar/Hippo
Sawk - Has Inner Focus, but outclassed by other Fighting mons
Sirfetched - Outclassed by Conk
Stunfisk - ability won't save it and bad movepool
Thievul - Stakeout is unreleased so it is bad, would be kinda bad anyways with its stats
Throh - Has Inner Focus, but outclassed by other Fighting mons
Turtonator - Bad defensive typing, weak offense, try shell trap dynamax move
Type Null - Has weak offense and bad movepool
Weavile - Weak defenses, can be Intimidated, low offense 

Turn order changed to where Tailwind, Icy Wind, etc instantly changes turn order mid-turn rather than waiting until turn 2. For example, Tailwind would cause your ally and you to be twice as fast within the same turn that you use it. Whimsicott TW + another mon faster than Exca outside of sand could outspeed Excadrill in Sand when you TW turn 1 for example. 

A list of all relevant move changes from Gen 7 to Gen 8 (some stuff left out):

  1. Clefable - Ally Switch
  2. Vileplume - Sludge Wave
  3. Dugtrio - High Horsepower
  4. Ninetales-Drought - Encore
  5. Machamp - Darkest Lariat, Reversal, Cross Poison, Rock Blast, Assurance, High Horsepower
  6. Galarian Weezing - Sludge Wave
  7. Rhydon - Heat Crash, High Horsepower, HH
  8. Rhyperior - Heat Crash, High Horsepower, HH, Body Press
  9. Top - Drill Run
  10. Gyarados - Power Whip
  11. Lapras - Liquidation, HH, Sparkling Aria, Life Dew, Weather Ball
  12. Leafeon - Solar Blade, no more Knock Off
  13. Sylveon - Mystical Fire
  14. Snorlax - Darkest Lariat, Heat Crash, Hydro Pump, Encore, Hammer Arm, Flail, Bite, Gastro Acid, Body Press
  15. Xatu - Cosmic Power, Baton Pass, Imprison
  16. Togekiss - Mystical Fire, Ally Switch, Play Rough, Tri Attack, Helping Hand,  Life Dew,   Helping Hand, Imprison, Body Slam, Amnesia,Uproar
  17. Galarian Corsola - Hex
  18. Mamoswine - High Horsepower, Rock Blast, Heavy Slam, Body Press
  19. Tyranitar - Heavy Slam, High Horsepower, Muddy Water, Body Press, Hydro Pump, Revenge, Rock Blast
  20. Gardevoir - Mystical Fire
  21. Ludicolo - Weather Ball, Encore, Muddy Water, Leaf Storm
  22. Shiftry - Solar Blade, Assurance, Screech, Air Slash, Heat Wave
  23. Shedinja - Hex
  24. Sableye - Encore, Helping Hand, Hex, Gyro Ball, Disable, Drain Punch
  25. Torkoal - Ancient Power, Heat Crash, Body Press, Weather Ball
  26. Milotic - Weather Ball, Life Dew, Helping Hand, Imprison,  Breaking Swipe, Muddy Water
  27. Gastrodon - Hydro Pump, Weather Ball
  28. Bronzong - Speed Swap, Weather Ball, Power Swap, Steel Beam, Psychic Terrain, Body Press
  29. Hippowdon - High Horsepower, Body Press, Amnesia, Heavy Slam
  30. Abomasnow - Earth Power, Aurora Veil, Leaf Storm, Weather Ball, Icicle Spear
  31. Rotom - Nasty Plot, Helping Hand, Electric Terrain, Eerie Impulse, Hyper Voice, Stored Power
  32. Weavile - Psycho Cut, Icicle Spear, Fake Tears
  33. Gallade - Solar Blade, Reversal, Life Dew, Icy Wind, Revenge
  34. Musharna - Moonblast
  35. Excadrill - High Horsepower
  36. Seismitoad - Liquidation, Power Whip
  37. Conkeldurr- Close Combat, High Horsepower
  38. Galarian Darmanitan - Icicle Crash, Reversal, Endure
  39. Scrafty - Close Combat, Assurance
  40. Reuniclus - Encore, Hammer Arm, Stored Power, Psychic Terrain, Power Swap, Guard Swap
  41. Gothitelle - Fake Out, Nasty Plot
  42. Vanilluxe - Icicle Crash, Hyper Voice, Aurora Veil
  43. Beartic - Liquidation, Icicle Spear, Heavy Slam, Body Press, Ice Fang
  44. Jellicent - Destiny Bond
  45. Accelgor - Reversal, Endure, Drain Punch
  46. Ferrothorn - Body Press, Assurance
  47. Bisharp - Screech, Beat Up, Endure
  48. Braviary - Close Combat, Hurricane, Assurance
  49. Mandibuzz - Assurance
  50. Hydreigon - Nasty Plot, Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance
  51. Malamar - Liquidation, Baton Pass, Disable, Acupressure, Fake Tears, Endure, Future Sight, Nasty Plot, Stored Power, Scary Face
  52. Pangoro - Darkest Lariat, Close Combat, Reversal, Endure, Circle Throw, Storm Throw
  53. Hawlucha - Close Combat, Brave Bird, Reversal, Endure, Assurance
  54. Gourgeist - Mystical Fire, Moonblast, Power Whip, Hex
  55. Trevenant -  Sucker Punch, Disable, Magical Lead, Hex, Endure
  56. Avalugg - Icicle Spear, High Horsepower, Body Press, Hydro Pump, Heavy Slam
  57. Goodra - Hydro Pump, Life Dew, Assurance
  58. Mudsdale - Body Press
  59. Tsareena - Solar Blade
  60. Araquanid - Hydro Pump, Bug Buzz, Dive, Endure
  61. Shiinotic - Pollen Puff, Draining Kiss, Rain Dance, Weather Ball, Endure, Drain Punch, Hyper Beam, Facade
  62. Oranguru - Encore, Yawn, Last Resort, Hyper Beam, Attract, Imprison, Endure
  63. Passimian - Assurance, Counter,  Revenge, Retaliate, Endure
  64. Salazzle - Fire Lash, Dragon Dance, Flare Blitz, Endeavor, Beat Up, Cross Poison
  65. Mimikyu - Hex
  66. Drampa - Hydro Pump
  67. Kommo-O - Aura Sphere, Body Press, Clangorous Soul (New Sig), Boomburst
Full list of changes here: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/list-of-changes-to-old-pokemon-moves-etc-read-op-before-posting-see-2nd-post-for-the-list.3656151/

Move mechanics and other threads about SwSh https://www.smogon.com/forums/forums/sword-shield.524/

Dynamax Move Damage Calc: https://pastebin.com/xtLKvTDU

Dynamax Counters: Perish Song, stalling it somehow, dig, fly, phantom force, bounce, Sleep Moves, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, Dynamaxing, Max Guard, Sub, Protect, Detect, Punishment, Foul Play, Shedinja (safety goggles), Ally Switch, Twave (kinda), Disguise, Ice Face, Storm Drain, Lightningrod, Intimidate, Flash Fire, Water or Volt Absorb, Ignore it and attack their ally, Aurora Veil, Reflect, Light Screen, Growl, Snarl, Struggle Bug, Leer, Octolock, Screech, Fake Tears, Metal Sound, Curse, Calm Mind, Soak to lower their STAB power, Trick or Switcheroo a choice or other bad item like Eject Button, Defiant to counter their boosts, Mirror Armor, Yawn, Spirit Break, Curse (Ghost one), Boost your defenses, Topsy Turvy, Trick lagging tail, Confuse them, Attract, Paralyze them, Psych Up, Eerie Impulse, Unaware Ability, Transform, Ditto (Imposter), behemoth blade, behemoth bash, Dynamax cannon are not BSD legal

*tested these with various people like Sam0el2020 and Glitch22*

Does not work vs Dynamax:

  1. Destinybond
  2. Low Kick and other weight-based moves
  3. Roar/Whirlwind/Red Card
  4. Raising evasion, since moves always hit while dynamaxed
  5. Decreasing their accuracy while they are dynamaxed but takes effect after 
  6. Disable 
  7. Encore
  8. OHKO moves
  9. Rocky Helmet
  10. Shield Dust
  11. Transform/Imposter, but copying the stats works

 Is bad/unboosted vs Dynamax: 

  1. Night Shade and other set damage moves
  2. Leech Seed halved while they are dynamaxed
  3. Pain Split is based on base HP 
  4. Endeavor (I am told uses original HP tho, will test it)
  5. Super Fang, but non-damaging moves may be more ideal for chipping Dmax mons, and is based on their base hp (no nature's madness) 
  6. Counter, Mirror Coat, Metal Burst is based on base HP
  7. Recoiling moves such as Flare Blitz go by Dynamax hp 

Is bad while dynamaxed:

  1. Substitute (It fades if you Dmax the turn after and you don't get it back after Dmax goes away)
  2. Be switched out by your own Eject Pack when they lower your stats
  3. Be switched out by your own Eject Button when they attack you (try to use Ebutton with something you won't Dmax to prevent this problem, like Whim)
Can't do while Dynamaxed:
  1. Use status or non-damaging moves besides Max Guard
  2. Attack your ally with a Dmax move
  3. Spread moves
  4. Secondary Effects of the base move, (for ex. Snipe Shot's Max Geyser acts the same as a regular Max Geyser but the power may be different than from a base move more or less powerful like Hydro Pump)

Still glitched on Showdown: Stalwart not ignoring Ally Switch

Sample Teams:
  1. https://pokepast.es/6f3b7dfd48e63700 - My top8 Dallas Team
  2. https://pokepast.es/2a4f739e461b7653 and https://pastebin.com/r7Zp4EM4 - My 1st Place Galar Weekly Pikachu Team
  3. https://pokepast.es/7fc0f12aa264e402 - Rain Team
  4. https://pokepast.es/b7827b0e86c004b2 - Tailwind + Gravity Dracozolt
  5. https://pokepast.es/0ddbe794db1e2859 TR Iron Ball Dracozolt + Gravity
  6. https://pokepast.es/65ee89e1918abaa3 - Torkoal Vileplume + TR
  7. https://pokepast.es/61dafa66be11ee9f - Hard TR
  8. Mr. GX and Koutesh's Teams (that they posted publicly): https://pokepast.es/8b12990958fdfe5f https://pokepast.es/cc06531f5367f1a5

Recharging or other high power moves like Eruption with STAB and high power for Dynamax:

Giga Impact - Braviary/Bewear/Snorlax/Unphezant/Cinccino/Silvally/Type Null/Greedent/Obstagoon/Diggersby/Linoone

Meteor Assault - Sirfetched - Doesn't count since Max Knuckle is 95 power

Hydro Cannon - Inteleon

Blast Burn - Charizard

Hyper Beam - Sylveon(Pixelate)/Drampa/Heliolisk/Silvally/TypeNull

Eruption - Torkoal

Water Spout - Octillery/Wailord/Octillery

SelfDestruct - Snorlax/Silvally

Explosion - Silvally

Head Smash - Drednaw/Sudowoodo/Scrafty(Unstab)

Removed lists (Due to being bad/outclassed):

TW: Mantine - Outclassed by Pelipper/Gyarados or other TWers

Swift Swim: Mantine - Outclassed by Pelipper/Gyarados or other swift swimmers

TR: Aromatisse and Gardy and Xatu - outclassed by Hatterene, Malamar, Jellicent, Gourgeist, /Mr.Mime/Lunatone/Solrock/Trevenant/Cofagrigus/Reuniclus/Sigilyph/Zong/Xatu/Musharna - usually outclassed by Oranguru unless HH/Dusknoir - use Clops instead

Slush Rush: Beartic/Arctovolt/Arctovish - but all are bad


https://github.com/smogon/pokemon-showdown/commits/master - This is where you can view a lot of the updates on Showdown for glitches. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/bug-reports-v3-read-original-post-before-posting.3634749/page-103 this is where you should read before posting glitches. 

Parting Shot vs Defiant activates it twice on Showdown. 
Currently Weather Ball's narration as Breakneck Blitz is wrong. Should say for example when Rain is up: "Max Strike Turned into Max Geyser!" or something like that instead.  Swamp doesnt work as of march 10, 2020. G-Max Pikachu cannot get Volt Tackle in game according to Metabou. 
Dragon Darts might be glitched on PS, it either hits togekiss or checks for immunity then hits its ally twice on PS even if Kiss follow me's (supposed to hit a fairy type like kiss twice). I know for sure darts is glitched vs Indeedee Pikachu since it hits Indeedee and Pika each one time through follow me when it doesn't do that in-game. The glitch seems to ignore follow me in the programming. Yawn also is glitched, bulbapedia says "It will also fail when used on a target under the effect of Safeguard, but a Pok√©mon that is already drowsy can still fall asleep while under the effect of Safeguard." Sand Spit might be glitched with its interactions with Max Geyser for example activating the sand at the wrong time.  Wandering spirit might be glitched. Mimikyu stays in big form after Dynamaxing. 

Monday, September 2, 2019

VGC 20 Relevant Speed Tiers

Relevant Speed Tiers for VGC 20


   I am making this with no disrespect to Trainertower. I think they post a lot of good information and articles, but I believe their Speed Tier list is not very useful as it includes too many Pokemon, even if they are not used very much (https://www.trainertower.com/vgc20-speed-tiers/). I will be copying their info but weeding out the non-relevant stuff. And it includes the same Pokemon many times in different ways, such as its speed in certain settings or a certain nature when I don't believe that it is often relevant. Tailwind is relevant with mons that can with few or no investment reach 107 for Dragapult or 113 for outspeeding Vileplume. Also relevant for the 178 and 167 benchmarks (Gengar and Charizard Base Speeds).

   You should be assuming worst case scenario (Speed increasing nature) and most common scenarios and not too focus on every little tiny possibility. This kind of focus makes you not laser-like focused on what you need to be focused on, which is on the relevant stuff, rather than making your team beat things that are very unlikely with losing track of what is likely to be used. Abilities like Swift Swim or Chlorophyll I will include both for, because it is important to know that you can outspeed say Ludicolo by switching in opposing weather to cancel out rain. It is also important to know what speed they can reach in Rain, as this is a common strategy.

   This guide will be based on usage from the top75 or so mons I consider to be relevant based on usage stats, not necessarily how good the Pokemon are. If a mon is rarely used then I consider it to be non-relevant, no matter how good it may be. Unfortunately the usage stats are kind of old and doesn't take into account guessing what people will use in the future, so for a tournament you need to think about this. Speed stats are also useful to know  for your own team at times even if it isn't speed-raising nature. 

   I skipped a lot of mons below 107 uninvested neutral nature speed unless they are slow enough for Trick Room. Slow enough for TR to me means too slow for tailwind, but also is slower than most random mons that are goodstuffs and don't typically raise their speed for tailwind. So that stat is around 78 for the uninvested Scrafty. Usually though you want Rhyperior or lower speed for TR teams though. Uninvested is in general not useful information unless it is the most common EV spread. Bold means Important Speed Benchmarks. Also many mons are not included that would be important to outspeed other mons with +1 or other relevant boosts from Max Airstream. With that said, let's begin by listing the speeds: 

PS: this was published on 01-02-20 but I had to change the date so it would come after my main teambuilding guide 

VGC 20

            VGC 20  - last updated 03-01-20 We are now in Series 3 as of March 1st, 2020! Rules here:  https://www.pikalytics.com/ar...