Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August - BW Double Cup (VGC 2012)

So I've been testing BW Double Cup so far and I have compiled a list of pokemon that are used a lot, and also listing ones that are good as well as used. I will be starting to break up pokemon between a "usable list" and a "non-usable list". Good pokemon go in the good pile, bad pokemon go in the bad pile; it is pretty simple. Then I will later talk about the metagame and a few ways to keep up with the current metagame.

High-Tier Pokemon
  1. Abomasnow - With Focus Sash/Occa Berry
  2. Amoonguss
  3. Breloom - With Focus Sash
  4. Chandelure
  5. Cresselia
  6. Excadrill
  7. Gallade - With White Herb
  8. Gastrodon - With Rindo Berry
  9. Heatran
  10. Hitmontop - With White Herb
  11. Hydreigon - Focus Sash/Dragon Gem/Choice Scarf
  12. Jellicent
  13. Kingdra
  14. Landorus-T
  15. Latias
  16. Latios
  17. Ludicolo
  18. Metagross
  19. Ninetales
  20. Politoad
  21. Raikou - With  Duel Screens 
  22. Rhyperior (In TR)
  23. Rotom-H
  24. Salamence 
  25. Scrafty - High tier on a TR team with Intimidate
  26. Swampert - With Focus Sash/Rindo Berry
  27. Thundurus
  28. Thundurus-T
  29. Tyranitar - With Focus Sash/Choice Scarf
  30. Tornadus - With Defiant
  31. Volcarona - With Focus Sash
  32. Zapdos 
Medium Tier Pokemon

**Asterisks mean those pokemon might be high-tier**
  1. Arcanine 
  2. Armaldo - No chance of being high-tier
  3. Bronzong - No chance of being high-tier
  4. Cinccino - No chance of being high-tier
  5. Cloyster - No chance of being high-tier
  6. Conkeldurr - No chance of being high-tier
  7. Eelektross  - Only high-tier in TR
  8. Excadrill - No chance of being high-tier
  9. Garchomp - Would only be high-tier if Intimidate didn't exist
  10. Gyarados - No chance of being high-tier
  11. Hariyama- No chance of being high-tier
  12. Hippowdon - No chance of being high-tier
  13. Honchkrow (Special Attacker) - No chance of being high-tier
  14. Infernape - No chance of being high-tier
  15. Jynx - No chance of being high-tier
  16. Krookodile - Would only be high-tier if Intimidate didn't exist
  17. Lickilicky - No chance of being high-tier
  18. Machamp - Would be high-tier if Intimidate didn't exist
  19. Magnezone- No chance of being high-tier
  20. Mamoswine - No chance of being high-tier
  21. Medicham - No chance of being high-tier, Gallade is better overall, higher BST and the extra Atk Medicham gets does not help OHKO anything Gallade doesn't
  22. Nidoking - No chance of being high-tier
  23. Nidoqueen - No chance of being high-tier
  24. Regice - No chance of being high-tier
  25. Rhyperior -  Only high-tier if in TR and when the foe lacks Intimidate, otherwise medium-tier
  26. Rotom-W - No chance of being high-tier unless used on a rain team, Relies on water as a main move type, and Hydro Pump's accuracy is below 85% 
  27. Scizor - Would only be high-tier if Intimidate didn't exist
  28. Slowbro - No chance of being high-tier
  29. Slowking - No chance of being high-tier
  30. Snorlax - No chance of being high-tier
  31. Starraptor - No Chance of being high-tier
  32. Terrakion - Would only be high-tier if Intimidate didn't exist
  33. Thundurus - No chance of being high-tier
  34. Togekiss -No chance of being high-tier
  35. Tornadus - Would only be high-tier if Intimidate didn't exist
  36. Toxicroak- No chance of being high-tier
  37. Weavile - No chance of being high-tier
  38. Yanmega - No chance of being high-tier
Low Tier Pokemon
  1. Aerodactyl - Low offense, phazed by Intimidate, bad movepool, very fragile, bad typing, high speed is really all it has
  2. Alakazam - Alakazam is basically a slightly faster Latios without a second STAB move and lacking a strong Dragon move. Encore is very rarely able to be used; especially since the opponents are either faster because Trick Room, Tailwind, etc is in effect; or because they often switch out rather than get Encored; also there is no incentive for the opponent to use Encorable moves such as Protect; especially since Alakazam's very low bulk makes them want to just attack, and also since the fact that Alakazam can OHKO a very little amount of pokemon, Magic Guard helps but simply using Alakazam just because of Magic Guard, higher speed, and Encore, does not make Alakazam a good pokemon
  3. Ambipom - Low offense, phazed by Intimidate, bad movepool, low bulk, Weavile outclasses unless Fling, does not counter anything, does not OHKO anything
  4. Bisharp - Sucker Punch is very unreliable, only other strong move is Iron Head, bad movepool, does not counter much consistently, does not OHKO anything
  5. Blaziken - Predictable since it needs Speed Boost in order to out-speed most things; even though it has powerful moves; High Jump Kick is the main reason to use it but is not a reliable move vs. Protect, the only thing Blaziken has over Infernape is slightly more power, but not really not enough to OHKO anything; weak to Rain teams and Trick Room, as well as Tailwind, Speed Boost and HJK doesn't solve its main problems, Intimidate phazes it as well, use Infernape instead
  6. Chansey - Relies on Minimize evasion to do well, lacks offense, relies on a status move to do damage
  7. Cofagrigus - Low offense, does not counter anything, does not OHKO anything, does not super affect many things, bad movepool
  8. Cradily - Lacks offensive power and has a poor movepool, relies on Sandstorm for high Sp D
  9. Donphan - Only has one powerful move, there are typically better Earthquake users, and faster Earthquake users, Ice Shard is a weak priority and usually SandStream is better because you do not need to attack a Focus Sashed pokemon twice; not everyone uses Swampert or Gastrodon, especially without Rindo Berry, so overall Donphan's moves don't make it worth it over other pokemon; and very few items can work well with Donphan
  10. Dusclops - Very weak offense and is prone to Taunt preventing Trick Room Setup, because it obviously lacks Mental Herb if used; phazed by Intimidate
  11. Dusknoir - Low offense, phazed by Intimidate, does not counter much, does not OHKO anything
  12. Dragonite - Cannot switch in without Multiscale breaking, cannot use Superpower, Tailwind, nor Heat Wave due to Multiscale, so it is left with not very good moves without the chance to switch in well to counter things
  13. Electivire - Lack of speed, no spread move, cannot get follow me and vital spirit at the same time, phazed by Intimidate, lack of offensive net damage, doesn't counter much of anything, lower than average defenses  
  14. Espeon - Really low BST compared to Cresselia, Magic Bounce is obvious, Lum Cresselia would set up Trick Room versus a Sleep move or Mental Herb versus Taunt; the only point to Espeon is being immune to both Taunt and Sleep moves, but having both of those qualities means a huge cut out of the Usable BST, so it is very rarely worth it over Cresselia; especially since having more bulk means you get Trick Room up MORE; it isn't all about technical abilities
  15. Gengar - Does not OHKO much of anything, fragile, Ghosts are not needed now that Explosion got nerfed
  16. Gliscor - Low Offense, if Flight Gem Acrobatics is used then it is 4x weak to Ice, lacks Intimidate, lower BST than other EQ users, second STAB is not as useful as other Earthquakers, does not counter hardly anything
  17. Golduck - Low offense, low speed, bad movepool, bad defenses, does not counter anything, just an all-around bad pokemon, Cloud Nine does not make it worth it, use Lickilicky if you want Cloud Nine instead  
  18. Heracross - Phazed by Intimidate, weak to many common attacks, the foe commonly has many counters for it, not fast enough to out-speed its threats, does not counter very much especially considered Intimidate weakens it quite a bit, Megahorn is not very accurate
  19. Hypno - Low BST, bad movepool, does not counter much, does not OHKO anything, low offense, relies on TR for high speed
  20. Jumpluff - Horrible offensively, bad typing, does not counter anything, Encore is not a good move in VGC 12, too fragile of a pokemon
  21. Lucario - Decent TR supporter since resists all the things that super affect Trick Room users, aka Bug, Dark, and Ghost; but they arent guaranteed to use those moves and might use moves to super affect Lucario instead; furthermore, Lucario is not very offensive, and it's Close Combat does not ohko anything especially since it has to have a resist berry and not an item to boost its offense, in order to use Follow Me somewhat decently; and without Follow Me there is no point in using Lucario, Togekiss is typically a better Follow Me supporter, even for Trick Room
  22. Luxray - Lacks power and speed 
  23. Mismagius - Does not OHKO much of anything, fragile defense, Ghosts are not needed now that Explosion got nerfed, not particularly strong in one area 
  24. Musharna - Low offense, does not counter anything, does not OHKO anything, does not super affect many things, bad movepool
  25. Parasect - Shroom is typically better for TR or non-TR, and Breloom is better in Tailwind
  26. Porygon-Z -  Does not OHKO anything, fragile, does not counter anything, download rarely activates for raising Sp Atk since most pokemon have higher Sp D than D, and it targets a foe at random 
  27. Porygon2 - Does not OHKO anything, does not counter anything, low offense, low BST, Relies on TR for high speed
  28. Sharpedo - Super fragile defenses, does not have the power to OHKO anything, relies on Speed Boost for high speed,  does not counter anything, Drought and Storm Drain counters, and Intimidate phazes
  29. Shiftry - Low bulk, bad typing, phazed Intimidate, does not counter anything, does not OHKO anything, relies on Drought for high speed
  30. Starmie - Low offense, does not counter anything, fragile, bad defensive typing, does not OHKO anything
  31. Tauros - Does not counter anything, does not super affect much of anything, all its moves do low net damage, only has one strong single attack or attack for that matter, weak to the most common type in the game, is not really useful for much
  32. Venusaur - Ludicolo outclasses it because even though Venusaur has some more resistances, it has another weakness, and its weaknesses are a lot more common than Ludicolo's weaknesses 
  33. Virizion - Low offense, bad movepool, 4x weak to Flying so it needs Focus Sash, does not counter much, does not OHKO anything
Usable Mons

  1. Abomasnow - Only usable with Occa Berry/Focus Sash
  2. Aerodactyl 
  3. Alakazam - With Magic Guard Sash it always takes two hits to kill, and with Life Orb it has no Recoil
  4. Ambipom - Usable only with Fling Razor Fang/King's Rock; otherwise Weavile outclasses
  5. Amoonguss 
  6. Armaldo 
  7. Bisharp
  8. Blaziken
  9. Breloom - Only usable with Focus Sash/Coba Berry
  10. Bronzong
  11. Chansey - Only usable with Evolite
  12. Cloyster - Only usable with Focus Sash
  13. Cofagrigus - Has higher BST than Dusknoir but worse movepool, Needs Mental Herb
  14. Conkeldurr 
  15. Cradily
  16. Cresselia
  17. Crobat - Only without Flight Gem it has a chance at being better than Tornadus 
  18. Donphan - With Seed Bomb, otherwise Hippowdon outclasses it
  19. Dragonite - Survives dragon and ice moves without an item, but cannot switch into anything, not always outclassed by Salamence, therefore usable but low-tier 
  20. Dusclops - Only usable with Evolite
  21. Dusknoir - Always outclassed by Dusclops with Evolite unless more Atk is needed or Mental Herb
  22. Eelektross
  23. Electivire
  24. Espeon - Hypno with Mental Herb Insomnia doesn't outclass it
  25. Excadrill
  26. Gallade
  27. Garchomp - Only usable with Focus Sash/Yache Berry
  28. Gastrodon - With Storm Drain it has a chance to be better than Swampert, only usable with Rindo Berry
  29. Gengar
  30. Gliscor - Only usable with Focus Sash/Yache Berry
  31. Golduck - Reliable water power and counters weather 
  32. Gyarados - Only usable with Wacan Berry/Focus Sash
  33. Hariyama - With Close Combat and Fake Out it proved to be usable, taken out of banlist 10/1/11
  34. Heracross - Only usable with Choice Scarf/Focus Sash/Coba Berry
  35. Hippowdon
  36. Hitmontop
  37. Honchkrow
  38. Hydreigon - Latios is usually better but Latios doesn't super affect Ghost and Psychic types
  39. Hypno - Only usable with Mental Herb, otherwise a Ghost outclasses it
  40. Infernape
  41. Jellicent
  42. Jumpluff
  43. Jynx
  44. Kingdra
  45. Krookodile 
  46. Latias
  47. Latios
  48. Lickilicky
  49. Lucario
  50. Ludicolo
  51. Luxray
  52. Machamp
  53. Magnezone
  54. Mamoswine 
  55. Mandibuzz 
  56. Manectric - Only usable with Discharge ally, otherwise Zapdos outclasses it
  57. Medicham
  58. Metagross
  59. Mismagius
  60. Musharna - Only usable with Telepathy because otherwise Cresselia outclasses
  61. Nidoking - Higher Sp Atk than Nidoqueen is important, 10 less Usable BST is neglible
  62. Nidoqueen - 10 more Usable BST than Nidoking but lower Sp Atk which is important
  63. Ninetales
  64. Parasect - Only usable with Focus Sash/Occa Berry
  65. Politoad
  66. Porygon-2 - Only usable with Evolite
  67. Porygon-Z 
  68. Raikou  
  69. Regice
  70. Rhyperior - Only usable with Focus Sash
  71. Rotom-H
  72. Rotom-W - Only usable with HP Water
  73. Salamence - Only usable with Yache Berry/Focus Sash
  74. Scizor - Only usable with Occa Berry
  75. Scrafty
  76. Sharpedo - Only usable with Focus Sash 
  77. Shiftry
  78. Slowbro
  79. Slowking
  80. Snorlax 
  81. Starmie 
  82. Starraptor
  83. Swampert - Only usable with Rindo Berry
  84. Tauros
  85. Terrakion
  86. Thundurus - Zapdos > Thundurus, unless you really need the speed, Taunt, or Prankster
  87. Togekiss
  88. Tornadus
  89. Toxicroak
  90. Tyranitar - Only usable with Focus Sash/Choice Scarf
  91. Venusaur
  92. Weavile - Only usable with Focus Sash
  93. Virizion
  94. Volcarona
  95. Yanmega - Only usable with Focus Sash/Charti Berry
  96. Zapdos
Non-usable Pokemon
  1. Aggron - low offense, bad typing, does not OHKO anything, does not counter anythin, relies on TR for high speed, any Steel or Rock type outclasses
  2. Altaria - Cloud Nine negates weather, not changes it; so when Altaria dies, weather is back to normal; furthermore Salamence and Dragonite have much higher stats and Salamence has Tailwind, Heat Wave, and Outrage unlike Altaria, Altaria does not counter Tyranitar, Abomasnow, nor Politoad, if Cloud Nine is demanded then use Lickilicky or Golduck instead; unless being used for Perish Song trapping 
  3.  Ambipom - It being weak to only one thing makes it possible for it to be usable over Weavile with Fling King's Rock because without Focus Sash Weavile gets ohko'd a lot more often than Ambipom; however if you are not using Fling with Razor Fang/King's Rock; then Weavile always outclasses it
  4.  Arcanine - Relies on fire as a main move type
  5.  Archeops - Outclassed by Tornadus, always has been, since Defeatist is atrociously awful and worse movepool than Tornadus
  6.  Audino - Outclassed by Porygon2 in every way, and bad movepool, does not OHKO anything, does not counter anything
  7.  Azelf - Outclassed by Cresselia, and too fast for Trick Room; also Explosion nerf ruined it
  8.  Azumarill - Relies on water as main move type
  9.  Banette - Inner Focus Lum Berry Hypno outclasses Banette, lum > insomnia, inner focus > ghost
  10.  Basculin - Relies on water as a main move type
  11.  Blastoise - Relies on water as a main move type
  12.  Blissey - Chansey is better unless you really need to use Special attacks
  13.  Boufallant - Outclassed by Tauros
  14.  Braviary - Outclassed by Tornadus in every way except Whirlwind; but in Bring6Pick4, Whirlwind for phazing Trick Room is useless 
  15.  Camerupt - Relies on fire as a main move type
  16.  Castform - Relies on weather for high power, low offense, low BST, relies on weather for defensive typing, Outclassed by other Special attackers
  17.  Charizard - Relies on fire as a main move type
  18.  Claydol - Outclassed by any bulky Trick Room user, low offense, does not OHKO anything, does not counter anything, average movepool
  19.  Clefable - Outclassed by Togekiss, Fake Out outspeeds if the foe is faster, bad defensive typing, low offense, does not counter anything, does not OHKO anything
  20.  Crawdaunt - Relies on water as main move type; and outclassed by Sharpedo
  21.  Crobat - Totally outclassed by Tornadus if using Flight Gem, otherwise Wacan Berry with Brave Bird for example is usable because it is better than Tornadus's special moveset with Wacan Berry
  22.  Crustle - Outclassed by other Rock types like Armaldo, low offense, does not OHKO many pokemon, relies on TR for high-speed, phazed by Intimidate
  23.  Darmaritan -  Relies on fire as a main move type
  24.  Durant - Outclassed by Scizor, speed is not very useful, does not OHKO much, does not counter much, 4x weak to fire so it needs Occa/Focus Sash, phazed by Intimidate
  25.  Emboar - Relies on fire as main move type
  26.  Empoleon - Relies on water as a main move type
  27.  Escavalier - Outclassed by Scizor, relies on TR for high-speed, phazed by Intimidate, no priority moves, bad movepool, 4x weak to Fire so needs Occa Berry/Focus Sash
  28.  Entei - Relies on fire as a main move type 
  29.  Feraligatr - Relies on water as main move type
  30.  Ferrothorn - Needs Occa or Sash and with these items it cannot Leech Seed very well due to a lack of leftovers recovery; and it being so weak to Fighting and Fire makes it easily ohko'd; there are better Leech Seeders, for example Venusaur or Ludicolo 
  31.  Flareon - Relies on fire as a main move type 
  32.  Flygon - Garchomp Outclasses in every way and levitate isn't worth using just to use Flygon, nor is it worth it just to use Uturn
  33.  Forretress - Has no offensive moves to offer, Spikes is bad in Doubles, just all-around bad pokemon and does not counter or OHKO anything
  34.  Frosslass - Does not even OHKO Latios, Ghost type doesn't help it at all, better Ice pokemon like Jynx or Abomasnow, it's speed isn't useful for outspeeding and OHKO'ing things
  35.  Galvantula -  Very weak, outclassed by almost any other Electric attacker, Bug Buzz does not OHKO anything
  36.  Gardevoir - Musharna outclasses it since both have Telepathy but Musharna has a higher BST
  37.  Glaceon - Relies on Hail for high accuracy and Regice has a higher BST
  38.  Golurk - Outclassed by Krookodile, poor offense, low speed, does not counter anything, does not OHKO anything, phazed by Intimidate, ability is not useful
  39.  Haxorus - Outclassed by Salamence, bad movepool, bad defensive typing, does not counter anything, does not OHKO much
  40.  Hitmonchan - Outclassed by Hitmontop
  41.  Hitmonlee - Outclassed by Hitmontop
  42.  Houndoom - Relies on fire as a main move type 
  43.  Hypno - Hypno with Insomnia is banned because it is outclassed by Espeon, but with Inner Focus  it is usable
  44.  Jolteon - Outclassed by Raikou since it has a higher BST 
  45.  Kabutops - Relies on water as main move type, also relies on Swift Swim
  46.  Kangaskhan -  Tauros or Stoutland outclasses, Scrappy is mainly only good for Fake Out because Stoutland can Crunch Ghost types and Tauros has Intimidate and Superior stats; if Kangaskhan is only used for Scrappy Fake Out, it is not worth it because Fake Out only lasts one turn and chances are you can't kill their bulky Ghost type the next turn anyways, especially when they can protect or use a supporting ally i.e. hitmontop for Intimidate and Fake Out for example; Furthermore, Scrappy is overrated because for moves like Frustration, you can just attack their ally or use Stoutland instead for Crunch on their Ghost type. 
  47.  Kecleon - Low offense, does not OHKO anything, does not counter anything, low BST, outclassed by other Normal types
  48.  Klingklang - Outclassed by Metagross or other Trick Roomers, low BST, bad typing, horrible movepool, does not counter anything, does not OHKO anything
  49.  Landorus - Outclassed by Garchomp if not used in Trick Room and in TR it is outclassed by Hippowdon
  50.  Lanturn - Outclassed by Rotom-W with HP water
  51.  Lapras -  Horrible defensive typing, its stats aren't that great and it doesn't have a good stab water move on special set and not a good stab ice move on the physical set; and Drought nerfs its reliance on water moves
  52.  Leafeon - Outclassed by Venusaur
  53.  Lopunny -  Ambipom outclasses it
  54.  Magmortar - Relies on fire as main move type 
  55.  Mandibuzz - Low offense, low speed, bad movepool, bad typing, does not OHKO anything, does not counter anything, out-sped by other Tailwinders
  56.  Manectric - Outclassed by Zapdos unless paired with a Discharge ally
  57.  Marowak - Rhyperior with Life Orb is just as strong and better
  58.  Masquerain - Very weak, outclassed by almost any other Bug attacker, Bug Buzz does not OHKO anything
  59.  Mespirit - Outclassed by Cresselia
  60.  Mienshao - Was bad in VGC 11 and is still bad because all it has is frailness, fighting move, and Fake out, it really is not worth it. There are much better fighting attackers now also, like Hitmontop that can Fake Out as well as use fighting moves
  61.  Milotic - Relies on water as a main move type
  62.  Moltres -  Relies on fire as a main move type
  63.  Octillery - Relies on water as a main move type, also relies on moody
  64.  Omastar - Relies on water as main move type, also relies on Swift Swim, and outclassed by Kingdra
  65.  Persian - Outclassed by Ambipom
  66.  Qwilfish - Outclassed by many other Water types, bad defensive and offensive typing, low BST, does not counter anything, does not OHKO anything
  67.  Rapidash - Relies on fire as a main move type
  68.  Regirock - Outclassed by Tyranitar or Terrakion 
  69.  Registeel - Outclassed by Metagross
  70.  Relicanth - Head Smash is too Inaccurate to use, Kabutops outclasses if you don't use Head Smash, and it relies on water moves 
  71.  Reuniclus - Outclassed by Musharna or Cresselia 
  72.  Roserade - Toxic Spikes is the main reason to use it in Singles, and in Doubles that is bad, outclassed by any Grass attacker, bad offensively, bad typing, bad movepool
  73.  Rotom-C - Outclassed by Zapdos, instead of Leaf Storm you can just use HP Grass, Rotom's Grass typing does not add anything offensively because you barely super affect more things, just like Rock and it can't even ohko Tyranitar, and the Grass typing adds way too many weaknesses
  74.  Rotom-F - Relies on Hail for an accurate Blizzard 
  75.  Rotom-S - Outclassed by Zapdos/Thundurus  
  76.  Sableye - All its good moves are not accurate or reliable; For example, Confuse Ray only fully confuses 50% of the time and Will O Wisp only hits 75% of the time; Also Sableye is very fragile and Spiritomb has a lot more bulk with the same typing and moves, it isn't worth it just for Prankster. 
  77.  Samurott - Relies on water as a main move type 
  78.  Sceptile - Non- bulky Leech Seeder that is outclassed by Venusaur or Ludicolo; in doubles for Leech Seed, bulk is everything
  79.  Seismitoad - Outclassed by Swampert/Gastrodon and relies on water as main move type 
  80.  Shedinja - Damaging weather like Hail/Sandstorm ruins it as well as damaging status moves and super affective moves, don't think Shedninja will wall a whole team, it will maybe 1 out of 10 battles if you are lucky
  81.  Shuckle - Really low speed, super low offense, no good support moves, just bad all around
  82.  Skarmory - Bad movepool, poor offense, counters very few pokemon in doubles; entry hazards can't be used effectively in doubles, it is a singles pokemon
  83.  Spiritomb - Its offense is way too weak, rarely super affects the foe with attacks, very low speed, no support moves, and doesn't counter much of anything 
  84.  Steelix - Any Ground type outclasses, low offense, bad typing, does not OHKO anything, does not counter anything, relies on TR for high speed
  85.  Stoutland - Only usable with Thunder Wave because Tauros has a higher usable BST by 5; and Tauros does not learn Thunder Wave
  86.  Suicune - Relies on water as a main move type. 
  87.  Swellow -  Low offense until Guts activates, very fragile, low BST, few resistances, does not OHKO much, phazed by Intimidate, does not counter much
  88.  Tangrowth - Outclassed by Amoonguss and the extra power with Power Whip isn't useful for many things, as well as worse typing for Rage Powder; and Rage Powder is obviously the only reason Tangrowth appears to be usable
  89.  Tentacruel - Relies on water as main move type
  90.  Torkoal - Relies on fire as a main move type
  91.  Torterra - Outclassed by other Earthquakers or other Grass pokemon, Grass STAB makes it worse and doesn't add much offensively; all the pokemon that counter it have Focus Sash so there is no way for Torterra to OHKO anything at all, while being a horrible offensive attacker and not great defensively either
  92.  Typhlosion - Relies on fire as a main move type
  93.  Umbreon - Outclassed by Scrafty 
  94.  Ursaring - Low Speed until Quick Feet activates, phazed by Intimidate, does not OHKO anything, does not resist anything, does not counter anything, low BST
  95.  Uxie - Outclassed by Cresselia 
  96.  Vanilluxe - Outclassed by any Ice type, relies on a 70% accurate move as main attack, relies on Hail for high-accuracy, horrible movepool, horrible defensive typing
  97.  Vaporean - Relies on water as a main move type 
  98.  Venomoth -  Very weak, outclassed by almost any other Bug or Poison attacker, Bug Buzz does not OHKO anything
  99.  Walrein - Horrible defensive typing, its stats aren't that great and it doesn't have a good stab water move on special set and not a strong stab ice move (Ice Fang only 65 power) on the physical set; and Drought nerfs its reliance on water moves
  100.  Whimsicott - Has weak offense, Only support moves, bad defensive typing; and there are many better Tailwinders
  101.  Wobbuffet - Relies on the foe using physical attack if Counter, and relies on the foe using a special attack if Mirror Coat. Also cannot protect and gets owned by status and stat boosting moves from the foe with its only hope to have them attack you
  102.  Xatu - Outclassed by Espeon, Lower BST than Espeon and worse typing and same movepool, also low offense, bad defensive typing, low BST, does not OHKO anything, does not counter anything
  103.  Zoroark - Low offense, does not counter anything, does not OHKO anything, fragile, does not resist much, low BST
    Usable Mons Usable BST (Base Stat Total)

    Abomasnow-402/342 (Out of Tr/In TR)
    Cresselia-530/445(Out of Tr/In TR)
    Donphan-440/390 (Out of Tr/In TR)
    Dragonite-500/466 (Physical/Special)
    Eelektross-400/410 350/360  (Special/Physical Non TR) (Special/Physical TR)
    Gastrodon-392/353 (Out of Tr/In TR)
    Hippowdon-457/410 (Out of Tr/In TR)
    Hitmontop-420/350 (Out of Tr/In TR)
    Jellicent-420/360 (Out of Tr/In TR)
    Lickilicky-435/385 (Out of Tr/In TR)
    Lucario-415/410 (Physical/Special)
    Machamp-440/385 (Out of Tr/In TR)
    Salamence-490/465 (Physical/Special)
    Scrafty-443/385 (Out of Tr/In TR)
    Snorlax-475/445 (Out of Tr/In TR)
    Swampert-450/425 (Physical/Special) 390/365 (Physical TR/Special TR)
    Thundurus-T - 475

    Usable BST From Greatest to Least

    Dragonite-500/466 (Physical/Special)
    Salamence-490/465 (Physical/Special)
    Swampert-450/425 (Physical/Special)
    Lucario-415/410 (Physical/Special)
    Eelektross-400/410 (Special/Physical)

    Usable BSTs in TR (BSTs a little lower than it would be since I subtracted speed)

    Cresselia-445(In TR)
    Snorlax-445 (In TR)
    Hippowdon-410 (In TR)
    Donphan-390 (In TR)
    Lickilicky-385 (In TR)
    Machamp-385 (In TR)
    Scrafty-385 (In TR)
    Swampert-365 (Special In TR)
    Jellicent-360 (In TR)
    Gastrodon-353 (In TR)
    Eelektross-350/360   (Special/Physical TR)
    Hitmontop-350 (In TR)
    Abomasnow-342 (In TR)

    *Big thanks to Jhud for all this info, even though I had to re-arrange a lot of it. Also Remember that the BSTs for Trick Room are lower than they really are, but there is no real good way to compensate for subtracting speed. Also, just because a pokemon has a higher BST doesn't mean it is better than another pokemon. Many pokemon with low BSTs get great abilities and/or typing etc. And that is why they are usable.*

    Thanks to cosmicexplorer of Smogon.

    Things to Avoid

    1. Two Substitute users in the back of a team. Exception: You have Protect AND Substitute on at least one of the pokemon used in the back. 
    2. Anything that lowers the offensive stats of foe(s) by one stage at a time (within 1 turn)   
    3. Any move that targets an ally (Single attacking, for example swagger lum combo)
    4. Any move where high accuracy is dependent on weather. The exception is when you also have a similar-typed move along with it. For example, Abomasnow with Blizzard Grass Knot Protect Ice Shard is not consistent, but Blizzard Grass Knot Protect Ice Beam is. Ice Beam is the same type move as Blizzard, has similar power, and does not miss when the weather changes. A similar move to an Ice move could be a Dragon move, but of course that wouldn't make much sense with Abomasnow in particular. 
    5. Any move that hits a random target 
    6. Any move that raises a defensive stat, or accuracy (Exception is a move that may raise say a defensive stat, but also raises speed within the same turn. One example of an exception may be Quiver Dance. ) Gravity is not a usable move, because it only raises accuracy; unless you are primarily using it to make the foes vulnerable to a ground move, you should not use it.
    7. Any move under 85 accuracy 
    8. Any move that could have perfect accuracy but you chose to use say Fire Blast over Flamethrower because it has more power; unless the power is extremely larger, do not go for more power if you can get more accuracy with less power 
    9. Any move that recharges (Exception is Eject Button or Whirlwinding your ally so they don't need to recharge.) 
    10. Entry Hazards
     11. Any pokemon who relies on a speed tie against other common pokemon of the same speed. Exceptions include: 1. Foe is a pokemon that you can easily wall any of its attacks, For example, you use max speed timid Thundurus against a Tornadus that might have the same speed, knowing you can wall Acrobat and then kill it if Tornadus happens to outspeed. Also in Bring6Pick4 you do not have to use say a Thundurus, so if you see the foe has a pokemon with the same speed as Thundurus, you might want to avoid picking it.
     12. Any pokemon that has a 4x weakness unless Focus Sash or damage reducing berry reduces that 4x weakness, an exception might be with a Choice Scarf, because then you outspeed the foe before they OHKO you
    13. Any pokemon with more than one 4x weakness without Focus Sash; for example Rhyperior
    14. Any move that only works one time, and cannot use the move even after the foe protected the first one. For example, Fling gets your item thrown off even if the foe protects. Then it is gone forever.
    15. Any move that is a multi-turn attack that doesn't break protect. Future Sight in Gen V breaks protect, so it is usable. However, Fly is not.
    16. Two weaknesses as a lead combo to the same move. For example, Tornadus Chandelure lead is both weak to Rock Slide. Or it doesn't even need to be a spread move. It could be something like Terrakion Conkeldurr lead,(yes I know doesn't make much sense but just an example) that is both weak to Psychic. You don't want to get into a prediction war of who they will Psychic, and if your lead is weak against spread moves that is even worse. If you know in bring6pick4 that they are guaranteed not to have a move that your lead would both share a weakness for, then you can lead like that, but generally speaking avoid using a common weakness as a lead combo.
    17. Try to avoid weight-based moves such as grass knot unless the only alternative is a hidden power. For example Grass knot is better on Samurott than HP grass, however Low Kick is not better on Conkeldurr than Hammer Arm or Drain Punch, because you need to do consistently high damage.
    18. Try not to use choice items such as Choice Scarf, Choice Band, or Choice Specs. These severely limit your move variety, which is crucial to success. Plus it does not allow for other items to greatly counter your weaknesses.  It makes your wins inconsistent, and the speed increase or power increase is not worth it overall. Choice items are especially bad with moves that hit allies, whether STAB or not. This is because there are many times when it could hit an ally and you are locked in and can't do anything about it. Just avoid a move like Earthquake in general with a choice item. Choiced mons often get revenge killed easily and get picked off with priority with no way to defend itself. 
    19. Two pokemon with the same exact typing. For example, Amoonguss and Venusaur on the same team.   
    20. 4 or more physical attackers. Thisis so you don't get owned by WOW.
    21. 4 or more pokemon weak to the same offensive typing. For example, you have 5 Ice weak pokemon on your team. Take at least one off and you are good.  
    22. Any pokemon who relies on an offensive stat boosting move in order to be good. An example of this would be Power Swap Shuckle, or Belly Drum Linoone. Both are bad unless they set up with an offensive move. Since you will not always get the opportunity to set up Power Share, or to Belly Drum with Linoone; they are bad for consistency purposes. Furthermore, even if they get those set up, priority often finishes off things after Belly Drum or Power Share for example. They get a free hit during the turn you set up those moves too. Don't get me wrong, Swords dance and moves like that are usable so long as that pokemon can do well without raising its offense in some way. 
    23. White Herb with a Special attacker. There is NEVER a reason to use White Herb with a Special attacker; I know it is used for DracoMeteor or whatever but Intimidate completely ruins the item. On a Physical attacker however; White Herb is still useful to maintain high Attack against Intimidate.
    24. Two pokemon on your team with the same exact Speed. For example, Latios and Gengar with Timid max Speed; or Zapdos with 120 Speed and a Krookodile with 120 Speed. All you have to do is make one at least 1 stat higher than the other one so you are always sure which pokemon outspeeds who. Sometimes there is logic to it; for example, your pokemon using Roost should be slower then your ally using Earthquake; because if you Roost before your ally uses EQ then you get hurt by it. 
    25. Leading with two Physical attackers as a lead when the foe has at least one pokemon who can learn Intimidate on their team of 6. This rule only applies to Bring6Pick4 of course but try not to lead with just two Physical attackers in general, whether team preview is on or not. Leading with two Physical attackers really creates a problem because Intimidate just gets an enormous advantage against you; try not to lead with even one Physical attacker if you can. 
    26. Any pokemon that has an ability that relies on Weather to be good. For example, Swift Swim Kingdra is usable as long as it is good even when it does not get Swift Swim boost. If there is no autoweather, for example VGC 11, then you can rely on Swift Swim only if you can get Rain Dance up guaranteed.  
    27. Do not double single-attack a pokemon in the same turn, unless it used Protect the turn before. 
    28. Do not use more than one pokemon that can be Intimidated.
    29. Do not use Focus Sash on a pokemon who is not immune to your allies' weather. For example, do not put Focus Sash on Breloom if you also use Tyranitar on your team. Another example, do not use Focus Sash Tyranitar when you have Abomasnow on your team. 
    30. Do not use two weather-changing pokemon if at least one of those pokemon uses a move that its accuracy relies off weather. For example, Ninetales and Abomasnow on the same team. Ninetales does not rely on weather for accuracy, but Abomasnow does. 

    Moves to Avoid

    Aqua Ring
    Avalanche - Relies on the foe attacking you for high damage
    Beat Up - Gets beat by Rage Powder so Terracot is not something you want to rely on.
    Blizzard - Without Abomasnow, and that means any pokemon besides Abomasnow
    Confuse Ray
    Electric Net
    Encore - Borderline Usable
    Explosion - Borderline Usable
    Final Gambit
    Fire Pledge
    Fling - Fling King's Rock/Razor Fang is ok, since you get the advantage against Protect
    Grass Pledge
    Heal Pulse
    Last Resort
    Moonlight - Often times Hail, Sandstorm, or Rain is up, and only heals 25% in those weathers.
    Morning Sun
    Mud Sport
    Outrage - Only if you know how to use it right
    Petal Dance - Only if you know how to use it right
    Psycho Shock
    Psych Up
    Razor Wind
    Revenge - Relies on the foe attacking you for high damage
    Sleep Talk + Rest - Sleep Talk is usable but with Rest it isn't since you only attack 2/3rds of the time
    Sweet Kiss
    Sweet Scent
    Taunt. (The foe may carry Mental Herb so do not rely on Taunt to phaze anything.)
    Thrash - Only if you know how to use it right
    Uturn - If you use without betting on it to switch but as a regular attack then it is usable, have to use it right
    Volt Switch - If you use without betting on it to switch but as a regular attack then it is usable
    Water Pledge

    TR Counters


    I will list Nine good tips and will add to them later. First, avoid using Trick Room and Ice weaknesses as much as possible. Since everyone is using slow pokemon TR is bad, and everyone is using TR themselves with bulky pokemon that can reverse it. Furthermore, in BW Double Cup things die slower, so TR can be stalled off easier than in VGC 11.

    And lastly, TR pokemon typically have low offense and get walled. For example, Cresselia does almost nothing to Metagross or Ninetales. Ice weaks should be avoided if possible because of the rampant blizzard spam. One or 2 is fine but try not to use things like Altaria for Cloud Nine when you could use Lickilicky instead.

    Weather is used a lot, and many teams are themed or at least use one, if not multiple weather pokemon. To counter these themed or semi-themed teams, all you need is at least one counter-weather pokemon such as a pokemon who changes the weather, or one who negates the weather.  So that leaves pokemon with either Drizzle, Drought, Snow Warning, Sandstream, or Cloud Nine; or you can set weather up manually but that isn't recommended. Switching and changing weather is so much easier most of the time.

    Try to avoid using pokemon that use water moves or fire moves as their main moves, without Drought, Cloud Nine, or Drizzle. These pokemon are very inconsistent and you never can be sure if you will get really walled hard by an opposing weather, and then your options are highly restricted, because you are forced to use at least 1 less move. Also avoid using moves that rely on weather being up to take 1 turn to use, like Solarbeam. Solarbeam however can be usable if paired with other moves that counter other weathers if changed.

    Gaining a speed advantage over the opponent is crucial; since I don't recommend TR right now, just go with ThunderWave, Icy Wind, and Tailwind.

    Intimidate is essential for many leads to work. For example, Latios + Intimidate ally to make Latios survive Tornadus's Acrobatics; otherwise Tornadus out-speeds and OHKO's Latios, making it a hard counter. Intimidate solves this problem and makes you able to lead with a lot of variation. 

    If a pokemon is UU or below in Singles, what makes you think it will be good in doubles? If it is UU, it is UU for a good damn reason. It means that it is significantly worse than all the other pokemon and almost everyone agrees about that. The only time UU pokemon or below in Singles can ever possibly become "usable" in Doubles is if it has at least one really good thing about it. It could be a move, ability, etc, but it has to be amazing.

    Fake Out, Intimidate, Autoweather or Negation of weather of some sort, and many other things can be usable in Doubles even with UU pokemon; however just because a pokemon has say the move Fake Out, doesn't mean it is good or usable. You have to think about "Is this pokemon outclassed? Is there a pokemon that can do what this pokemon is doing better? What is the typing on this pokemon? Does it have any decent moves besides a move like Fake Out? Does it have good stats?" There are so many factors that come into play, it isn't just one thing; it never is.

    I've been noticing that Trick Room has been a major problem for my team of 6, since I don't use any counters for Trick Room. Trick Room lasts for 5 turns and can be really difficult to counter since it lasts for so long and there are many good offensive pokemon now for Trick Room. Last year there weren't as many strong pokemon for Trick Room, but since all the generations are allowed there are many more to choose from. So from this I have concluded that every team needs at least one Trick Room Counter. There are a few things that classify as a TR counter: 1. Slow pokemon that are offensive or have Spore 2. Trick Room to reverse Trick Room  3. Stalling moves such as Protect and Substitute, even Fake Out 4. Bulky Offensive pokemon 5. Switching to the right resistance. 6. Priority moves. For teambuilding purposes, 1 or 2 is a MUST have, and the rest are just ways to further resist yourself from TR. 

    Most importantly of all, don't expect something that was bad when less pokemon were allowed to be good when more pokemon are allowed. For example, if something was bad in vgc 11, then don't expect it to be good in BW double cup where more pokemon are allowed. Chances are, pokemon that suck in vgc 11 will be worse because it has to be better than not only approximately 150 pokemon, but like 600. Think about it.

    **Oh and to all the people complaining that a pokemon is not on the usable list, I am working on it. I will list more pokemon once I confirm them as usable; it will take time so bear with me. But I am going as fast as I can. I don't mind suggestions or constructive criticism at all though, if you think something should be added to the list feel free to do it; I just don't want people saying I left off a pokemon because I think that pokemon sucks, which isn't necessarily true at all. Also, pokemon that are "outclassed" may not imply the pokemon that outclasses it is usable, it is just simply saying that if a similar pokemon were allowed, then another pokemon would be put on the usable list instead of that pokemon. Furthermore, "Usable Mons" may not be good; that is why I will be breaking them up into tiers.**

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    Secret Blog Revealed

    I will reveal the URL that I've been posting on, in order to avoid posting sensitive info on the blog. Some of it could be posted on the blog, but I already told people that I would stop posting stuff on the blog, even though I added to it later. Since Worlds are over, a lot of this info is meaningless but it will actually help in the future to use existing moves and pokemon well.

    VGC 18

    Changes from BSD to VGC 18 besides Timer include: New UB's: Blacephalon, Stakataka, Naganadel No PUP Kang-Mega Knock Off Incineroar,...