Wednesday, July 13, 2011

May - Speed Tiers and Damage Calculations

Sorry I was busy on the 1st so I didn't post the blog. And no one asked for it to be posted anyways. This month I will be talking about weights of Unova region pokemon, speed lists for Trick Room and Tailwind pokemon, and a few common damage calculations. I will link some things so that I don't have to write it twice, and to not steal their work and take credit for it, even though it is just stuff they researched and organized into a thread, not like creativity that was made up. So I first want to give a big shout-out for Human, SixOneSix and Magma BSTS for doing some research and posting those valuable links. Human also helped me with the Damage Calculator Probabilities. And thanks to ZachDro for researching weight of each common pokemon.

Here are the weights for the Unova region pokemon. He didn't seem to mention this, but apparently it seems like all the pokemon he didn't list were either too bad to be mentioned, or they were light enough to be put into the 20 power category.

Here is the link to the list of weights for common pokemon:

Now I am going to list speeds in numerical order (lowest number to highest) with the speed stats on level 50, and link to Human's thread to finish the rest. I am going to list the speed of all pokemon that are fully evolved. I will include even bad pokemon and ones not used a lot, because they will be used a lot in regionals. Noobs use noobish pokemon =P.The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, the fruit grows off of the tree, you know, those kind of sayings. Basically just saying a tree is characterized by its fruit, lemons do not grow off of grape trees. And with that said, noobs do not use good pokemon, which is why they are called noobs. And good people use good pokemon, which is why they are called good.

With that said, here is the list:

TR Speeds (Min speed of low speed pokemon)
  1. Ferrothorn - 22
  2. Escavalier - 22
  3. Gigalith - 27
  4. Musharna - 30
  5. Amoonguss - 31
  6. Reuniclus - 31
  7. Cofagrigusk - 31
  8. Stunfisk - 32
  9. Carracosta - 33
  10. Beheeyem - 40
  11. Crustle - 45
  12. Conkeldurr - 45
  13. Throh - 45
  14. Druddigon - 47
  15. Eelektross - 49
  16. Beartic - 50
  17. Audino - 50
  18. Bouffalant - 54
  19. Golurk - 54
  20. Scrafty - 56
  21. Jellicent - 58
  22. Heatmore - 65
  23. Gothitelle - 65
  24. Emboar - 65
  25. Bisharp - 67
  26. Samurott - 67
  27. Seismitoad - 74
  28. Vanilluxe - 75
  29. Mandibuzz - 76
  30. Braviary - 76
  31. Chandelure - 76
  32. Stoutland - 76
From these min speeds you also know who can out-speed each other if both use max speed. Now I will link to Tailwind speeds with Human's link as well as SixOneSix's:

Random Common Damage Calculations
  1. Max HP with Coba berry on Amoonguss to survive Acrobat from Jolly max Atk Tornadus.
  2. 168 HP stat and 141 Sp D stat on Scrafty to wall Life Orb max Sp Atk Hydreigon's Dracometeor.
  3. 182 Sp Atk Life Orb Hydreigon's Dracometeor OHKO's max HP Genies (All 3 of them).
  4. 156 Atk Life Orb Hydreigon's Crunch OHKO's max HP jellicent.
  5. Adamant Tornadus does not always OHKO non-HP EV'd Hydreigon, nor Jolly Hydreigon; does between 155 and 183 damage!
  6. Heat Wave Chandelure against Amoonguss does 218 damage max if Amoonguss has 4 Sp D Evs. So in other words simply a max HP Amoonguss walls Heat Wave without dying.
  7. Impossible to stop Substitute from breaking with Rock Slide from Conkeldurr against an Amoonguss with Substitute.
  8. 183 HP and 102 D (Stats) for Tornadus to wall opposing Jolly Tornadus with Acrobatics without getting OHKO'd.
  9. Musharna with max Sp Atk Quiet OHKO's max HP Conkeldurr 100% of the time with Psychic.
  10. X-Scissor Bug Jewel Crustle vs. Hydreigon does 200 damage min, so it OHKO's max HP Hydreigon.
  11. Crunch from Krookodile against Jellicent: Jellicent survives with 193 HP (Stat), 105 D (Stat).
  12. 170 Atk (Or higher of course) Terrakion with Rock Gem Rock Slide OHKO's Tornadus and Thundurus.
  13. Dragon Pulse Dragon Gem Hydreigon doesn't ohko min HP Thundurus guaranteed.
  14. Draco Meteor ohko's min HP Thundurus with Hydreigon.
  15. Jolly Terrakion does 157 damage max to Tornadus with Rock Slide.
  16. Max Attack Adamant Terrakion Close Combat against Ferrothorn does 183-215 damage.
  17. 179 Attack Tornadus ohko's opposing max HP Tornadus with Acrobatics.
  18. Adamant max Atk Terrakion's Rock Slide does 144-169 against no defense EV'd Tornadus/Thundurus.
  19. Max Sp Atk Modest Eelektross does 140-165 with Electric Gem to Thundurus with Thunderbolt.
  20. 181 HP and 110 D survives Jolly Close Combat from Terrakion.
  21. 177 Sp Atk (Timid max Sp Atk) Thundurus does 144-169 versus no Sp D Thundurus with Electric Gem Thunderbolt.
  22. Volcarona does 177 damage minimum versus Hydreigon with Bug Buzz.
  23. Max Sp Atk Reuniclus with Life Orb does 196-231 to Calm Amoonguss with 133 sp D (156 EVs).
  24. Max HP 115 D Stoutland walls Max Atk Close Combat from Adamant Terrakion. 
  25. Rock Slide from Jolly Terrakion does 64-76 damage to 90 D Amoonguss.

That was the link to the damage calculator I use. I will explain how to use it.

Damage Calculator Probabilities

It is a 6.25% chance for each specific chance of happening. There will always be 16 different possible damages, and it is 1/16 chance for each one, doesnt matter if it is left or right, all of the chances are the same; it is that simple.
    And I could not list common teams people use because in Bring6Pick4, they could lead with anything. I want to thank ZeroWF very much for telling me about this blog site; I've been having a lot of problems with facebook, especially the underlining being messed up.This will be the last blog of this year, I need to focus on battling now.

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